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Due to Covid restrictions we are still working on this project but have put together a lot of planning to develop this project over the remainder of this year and in 2022.

Students have been part of the planning process and they had a design competition to decide what the new garden and orchard area would like and what it will contain. We have also had quotes from a contractor for clearing the space and he is ready to go when we give him the word. Soil sample testing was done to ensure that the soil is fit for purpose ready for planting. We also have worked with the Masterton District Council to plan an accessway through it because part of the new garden area is actually a paper road which we were only alerted to after planning this project. All of this work was able to be done together and all parties are happy with the plan.

We have also, with the support of our newly appointed teacher, had the idea of making a central lizard garden in the area as well. This is adding to the design and the work that we were originally planning but will be a wonderful asset for our school.

The contractor will clear the space over the school holidays.  We will then have the plantings and plans set out for autumn next year so the plants thrive.  Planting this late will obviously not work.

We have local community members supporting us with this work and we are always sharing updated with whānau and while Covid has delayed this work the new intention for completing this work will be end of Term 1, 2022.