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2021 the students in the middle Rimu syndicate at Matangi School have been learning under the umbrella of Kaitiakitanga. We are so thankful for the Earthwise Fund as it has allowed us to plan for the future and make a difference not just within our kura but our Matangi community. We are in the process of setting up our nursery. We have woven into our local curriculum: Tänemahuta – qualities of growth, strength, shelter, diversity and life. Due to being off site and Home Learning for a proportion of time frames during 3 and 4 we are still working towards erecting our nursery. Last week our ket set green house 4m and shade house 6m arrived from Redpath. This was delayed by months due to shipping issues for Redpath and our initial frame was damaged in freight so we then had to wait another couple of weeks. Although we have had setbacks and delays, we have had so many rich learning experiences along our journey and can’t wait to continue our project into 2022. This is a story of our exciting and rich learning journey thus far…

We started off learning about our taonga, in our local community Tamahere Gully. We learnt about the tuna in the streams, the importance of healthy streams and habitats and the native planting that has an impact on restoring or maintaining healthy streams and habitats. We learnt about the restoration planting already started by Leo Copping, our local kaitiaki and connected to work alongside Leo and his group who have recently been successful in a grant through the council. We are excited about the prospects ahead in 2022. We now have a connection and relationship to work and learn alongside each other for the future – Whanaungatanga.