Winter washing: from woes to pros

    14 Aug 2017

    Washing in winter can be tricky, without the stunning sunshine able to get things dry in no time, however we loved seeing some of the tips you guys shared for overcoming winter washing woes.

    While lots of you turn to the dryer in the winter months, or position clothes racks in front of fireplaces, near heat pumps, or under HRV vents, lots of people still swear by putting washing outside (even if just for an hour or two) where the fresh air does it good!
    Here are some of the other tips we loved:
    “Lie hand washed bits and woollens on a towel and roll them up tightly to take the bulk of the moisture out before lying them in the hot water cupboard, or flat in front of the fire, to dry.”
    “Follow the care instructions! A lot of these winter clothes are precious little snowflakes when it comes to washing, so I've learnt the hard way!”
    “I use the laundry liquid even more in winter, so the lower water temperature doesn’t have to work so hard to breakdown the powder.”
    “Staying on top of washing is crucial at this time of the year. I try not to do too much per load so that the clotheshorse isn’t too overloaded, as it dries quicker when more air can circulate around.”
    “Don’t wait until your washing starts piling up because, when you’re ready to wash, it will rain for three days!”
    “My best tip for drying hand-washed items and wool is to lay them flat on a towel, then roll up super tight like a jelly roll. Unroll and dry flat. This gets as much moisture out as possible without damaging delicate fibres.”
    “Take advantage of any nice days you can – but make sure you bring washing back in by the time the sun leaves the area – usually past 3pm.”
    “Those wee circles of pegs are handy for not having to peg every sock twice. Hang the socks on them outside then just move the whole thing inside to finish them off.”
    “I'm fortunate to have a good size hot water cupboard so I set up my clothes airer in an upright way and hang all my delicates in there. Leave a couple of days and all is dry and snugly.”
    “My best tip for winter washing is don't leave it to last minute :) Lesson learnt.”
    “We have under floor heating so we put the wool clothes straight on the floor to dry!”