Cleaning Tips to Beat Winter Woes

    19 Jun 2018

    Winter has definitely made its presence known, with plummeting temperatures and plenty of gloomy rain. As well as changing out autumn wardrobes for winter coats and boots, it’s a good time to examine some of your cleaning and tidying habits for this coldest season of the year. Here’s a few of our tips to keep things spick and span and healthy this winter. 

    Let there be light! 

    Dirty window glass can cut the daylight that shines through by a significant amount. And at this time of the year, you want as much glorious sunlight as possible coming in, to warm the body and the soul! So grab your Earthwise Window & Glass Cleaner and get going – they’ll be polished up and sparkling clean in no time.  
    Make things habit-forming 
    It’s a good idea to get into a routine of ‘small and often’ cleaning rather than infrequent binge sessions where you tackle everything at once. Get yourself into a groove of sensible kitchen and bathroom cleaning routines in order to avoid the transmission of bacteria.  

    Follow your nose  

    Keep tabs on what’s lurking in the fridge – if something doesn’t smell quite right, it’s probably time to get rid of it. Don’t forget, though, that this is the perfect time of year for slow cooked stews and soups – so if there’s something coming up to its use by date, maybe it’s worth making up a batch of something hearty and nourishing. You can always freeze extra portions! 

    Can you handle it? 

    When you’re sorting out the toilet, don’t forget to disinfect the door handle as well as all the obvious surfaces. Think about it – it’s being handled by anyone in the house, and while they’ll have washed their hands after doing their business, they’ll have also touched it when they entered the room – bringing with them all kinds of germs from the outside world.

    Stay away from sponges – be surface safe! 

    Sponges seem like an easy solution when cleaning, but the porous nature of sponges mean that they are notorious for harbouring bacteria. Use a quality cleaning spray with a cloth that will be washed after use, or paper towels – just make sure to pick some that are made from recycled materials and are kind to the environment.

    Breathe freely  

    Respiratory illnesses run rife in New Zealand, especially in winter. Keep tabs on mould and mildew spots – places like window frames are especially prone to problems – and maintain good standards of cleanliness. And try to ensure that air moisture is kept to a minimum, by opening windows when the weather permits or running the dehumidifier.