Why choose Earthwise?

    31 Jan 2018

    We love hearing feedback from the Earthwise community and wanted to share some of the amazing comments from over 200 customers who recently told us why they choose Earthwise. We’re all from such different backgrounds, communities and cultures but there are some strong common themes that draw us together: Concern for the environment, love of our families, concern for wildlife and a preference for buying local. Being canny Kiwis, we also need to know that the products we buy will do the job that they’re supposed to!

    Environmentally-friendly Earthwise
    “We use Earthwise because the products are good for the environment, clean really well and give me peace of mind of no nasty chemicals, especially important with our young kid.”

    “I love knowing that when it goes down the drain it won’t harm any wildlife. And it means my wastewater can be used on the garden.”

    “I feel like I’m doing my bit for the environment.”
    “The wise choice for my family and the future.”
    “Because I believe we all need to tread more lightly on our planet.”
    Safe for our families
     “We use all Earthwise products. With a young family it’s great being able to do something good for the Earth without any hassle - plus I know they are safest around the littlies’ bodies as well as our own.”  

    “I know it’s safe for my toddler to ‘help’ with the cleaning.”

    “I don’t need to worry about my kids’ environment.”

    “No nasties for us as a family, with the added bonus of being gentler than most products on our waterways.”
    Gentle on allergies
    “We have a family of asthmatics and just one spray of a commercial product can set off a terrible reaction that can last days. These are the only ones I can use.”
    “They don’t make me sneeze when I’m cleaning.”
    “Good for families with sensitive skins.”
    “I use Earthwise to help me with my allergies when cleaning. I couldn’t do my job without Earthwise.”
    “I have tried to replace all our cleaning and personal hygiene products with more natural alternatives, I have hormonal chemical imbalance and I am sure it is due to using chemicals in everyday products. It is so much healthier for my children too.”
    They work!
    “They smell great, but most importantly they really work.”
    “I use Earthwise products as they are from NZ, kind to the environment and cruelty free. They also work really well and smell great!”
    “I use them because they do not harm the environment - but having said that I wouldn't use them if they didn't do the job - which they do extremely well.”
    50 years ago, Tom Robinson started hand-blending cleaning, laundry and personal care products in a Waikato shed. His customers were people who either couldn’t or wouldn’t use harsh petrochemical-based products on their skin and clothing. At Earthwise, we are committed to making gentle, sustainable, affordable products to help safeguard the planet. Thanks to everyone in the Earthwise community for being part of our story.