Who's your Fairy?

    19 Jun 2017

    Who is the cleaning fairy in your house? We all want one — and it turns out that a lucky few of us do actually have one — but for most, the only person sprinkling (or vacuuming up) fairy dust is ‘me, myself and I’! Last month we asked our lovely Earthwise fans who the cleaning fairy was in their house. Almost 450 comments later, it seems that we can rely on our mums and sometimes on our partners — and our kids love to help as well – but guess who does the lion’s share? Check out some of the great comments: 

    • “I currently have a newborn baby - 8 weeks old! Everyone that pops round is a cleaning fairy as they all pitch in!”
    • “Me and I've been a very grumpy cleaning fairy this week! I've actually been telling my kids I'm not your cleaning fairy!”
    • “Generally, it is me that’s the "cleaning fairy" but I was lucky today that my son (4) spiderman decided to help me out! Thanks lil spiderman, it made my day easier! 😊.”
    • “Apart from myself and partner. Our 19month old is quite the cleaning fairy. I find her around the house wiping down surfaces, and cleaning the floors. It’s very helpful.”
    • “I'm the cleaning fairy in my house, however now we have a roster system going so we can all learn how to be cleaning fairies.”
    • “I'm the #1 cleaning fairy, but I have 2 fairies in training who always want to help mummy.”
    • “We have two cleaning fairies in our house, my husband and I. And we're so lucky that our little girl is great at being the mess fairy so there's always lots to clean 😉.”
    • “My 5-year-old is my cleaning fairy. He will do everything but the toilet and if he's not allowed to help World War 3 breaks out. Today he has helped hang washing, fold washing, used the steam mop and cleaned the mirror in the bathroom. He was gutted when I had had enough cleaning for the day so he cut little bits of paper up and now I definitely need to get the vacuum back out.”
    • “Hubby has done a wonderful job of cleaning the bathroom ever since I was pregnant with our eldest, 45 years ago!”

    If you’re fed up with being the only cleaning fairy in the house, have a look at our tips to encourage your children to help with the clean-up!

    Well done to  Charmaine Wallace, Kylie Rockliffe and Theresa Dyer who won packs of Earthwise cleaning products. Also congratulations to Nathalie Barbosa, Anastasia O'Leary and Amber Olesen who shared their cleaning fairy photos on our community page #myearthwise. They also won big packs of Earthwise goodies to help keep their homes clean. Check out our new fragrances here.

    Here's our #myearthwise #mycleaningfairy photo competition winner's entries