What's the best way to deal with food waste?

    16 Apr 2018

    With a bigger proportion of New Zealanders now living in cities, it’s not always practical to compost (although there are some innovative, space saving ways to do it, check out the Bokashi system). So, what’s the best way to deal with our food waste?

    A good question to ask yourself is ‘Where will my waste end up?’ If you use a waste disposal unit in bigger cities like Auckland, sophisticated tertiary waste treatment plants can recover the nutrients from the water. Waste disposal units are thirsty beasts needing a lot of water to wash down the scraps, so while they are not the most environmentally-friendly option, they still beat sending food to landfill. 

    Christchurch already has a green bin service running to collect food waste to go into the municipal composting system. Aucklanders will see the introduction of green bins this year, with the long-term goal of having zero waste go to landfill by 2040 and Wellington householders have two options for commercial food waste collection ( Kai to Compost and Organic Waste Management).

    However, if you have chooks to feed or the space to compost, that’s still a one of the best choices. The energy in your food waste can be converted directly into nutrients for other living things. We count that as a win-win for everyone.