Water Saving Tips

    07 Apr 2014

    With water rate changes and their increased frequency, many households are becoming more conscious of how much water they use.

    Here we share our best water-saving tips:

    • Turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth or shaving to save over 20,000 litres per year, per person
    • Have shorter showers and try a water efficient or low flow shower head for savings of 5 to 7 litres per minute
    • Fix dripping taps for a saving of up to 100 litres a day
    • A flush control device, or a trusty brick in the cistern, will reduce the amount of water used for each flush
    • Reduce the rinse cycle or water level of your washing machine to suit the size of your load
    • Save your ‘grey water’ from your washing machine or baths to use in the garden
    • Use a shorter, eco cycle on your washing machine and dishwasher, where possible and look for appliances with the best water efficiency ratings
    • Use the minimum amount of dishwashing detergent (when washing dishes by hand) so you don’t need to do so much rinsing
    • Half fill your sink for rinsing fruit and vegetables, as opposed to leaving the tap running
    • Use a compost pile or worm farm for food scraps, rather than a waste disposal unit
    • Install a rainwater tank and reduce your water bills by up to 65%
    If you have any more tips for us why not tell us on our Facebook page.