Time-Saving Tips for Spring Cleaning

    26 Oct 2014

    If you’re time-poor and charged with cleaning house for allergy sufferers this spring, take a few moments to figure out which areas of your home deserve the most focus.  We don’t all have a couple of days up our sleeve to tie a hanky on our heads and give our houses a thorough ‘top to bottom’ so here’s how to deal with some household allergy hotspots.



    Dust mites and their faeces are the number one cause of misery for allergy sufferers.  To make cleaning easier, tidy away dust traps before wiping surfaces with an allergy sensitive cleaning product, like Earthwise Citrus & Mint Multisurface Cleaning Spray, and/or a damp or electrostatic cloth.  Strip winter blankets and duvets off the beds and hang them in the sunshine to get rid of moisture.  Get any willing helpers (who aren’t allergy sufferers) to beat the bedding with tennis racquets or similar to dislodge accumulated dust mite debris.  Vacuum mattresses.*


    Move plants out of sleeping areas – around 70% of potted plants give off allergy-triggering mould spores.  A notable exception is the Peace Lily.  This tropical plant actually soaks up airborne mould spores and uses them for nourishment, reducing the room’s mould count by as much as 60%!


    Soft Toys

    If much-loved soft toys won’t survive a trip through the washing machine at 55°C (using a wool & delicates laundry liquid), just put them in your freezer overnight!  This is an easy way to kill dust mites off - they are surprisingly sensitive to cold, dry air.



    Clean any mould trapped in inaccessible nooks and crannies with an allergy-friendly cleaner, like Earthwise Eucalyptus & Lemon Bathroom Wipes.  Trapped moisture in bath mats can also trigger allergies, so choose a washable mat and launder weekly.  Hang mats and towels out in the sunshine after the family has bathed or showered.  A heated towel rail can really help to avoid dampness build-up, particularly over winter.  When bathing or showering, always open a window or put on the extractor fan.







    To kill up to 100 percent of washing machine mould in one go, pour 250ml of bleach into your empty washer and run it for a full cycle at the hottest temperature setting. To stop the future growth of moisture-loving mould, leave the washing machine door and detergent dispenser cover open to help the machine dry out completely.



    (not technically in the house but still…)

    Car air filters can be the source of trapped pollens and dust mite faeces, clean the filter every 16,000 to 19,000kms and completely change it every 30,000 to 48,000kms.  Use allergy sensitive cleaning products to wipe down interior surfaces with a damp or electrostatic cloth to remove dust.  Vacuum upholstery.*



    *Make sure that you allergy-proof your vacuum cleaner before you start.   Change the dust bag or empty the cleaner thoroughly.  Change or clean any filters or treat yourself to a new vacuum, like the allergy-busting Dyson – with no dust bag or filter.