Team Tips from Earthwise

    16 Jan 2017

    The team at Earthwise often gets asked a range of questions about our products, so we thought we’d put together some of our top tips for living the Earthwise way!

    Super shiny dishes. For extra clean shiny dishes, put your dishwasher tablet into the cutlery basket or the bottom of your dishwasher —it dissolves better.

    Why the plastic? We have to use a plastic bag to hold our laundry powder because our product is plant and mineral based — this means it absorbs water easily. Our commitment to the environment means that we choose not to include the synthetic preservatives that would prevent moisture absorption in our products.

    Recycle, recycle, recycle. Remember to recycle BOTH the box and the plastic bag from our laundry powder. Our packaging has been fully approved by Environmental Choice NZ. Thanks to the Love NZ Soft plastics recycling programme, you can now put plastic bags in the green bin at your local supermarket. If you’re not sure, do the SCRUNCH test – if plastic can be scrunched up into a ball, it can be recycled. Last year Kiwis dropped off over 100 tonnes of soft plastic bags for recycling. Every little bit helps…

    Lose the scoop. Instead of using a plastic scoop, use a tablespoon to measure your washing powder. This cuts down on waste and helps to minimise our impact on the environment. A long-handled tablespoon also makes it easier to reach the bottom of the box! For a 7kg machine, use 1.5 tablespoons and increase dose slightly for bigger machines.

    For extra-dirty laundry. Try adding some oxygenated whitener to help handle the tougher jobs – or bump up the laundry powder dose to three tablespoons.

    Don’t overload. If you find washing powder residue on your clothes, it’s worth checking two things: 1) That you are not putting too many clothes in each wash. An over-full drum prevents the water from getting to the washing powder and stops it from fully dissolving. 2) That you are using the right quantity of washing powder for your machine.

    Hot or Cold? Cold water washing increases the chance of a ‘scrud’ build up occurring in your washing machine when fabric softener comes into contact with detergent. We recommend a warm or hot wash at regular intervals eg. approximately every fifth wash.

    Child-proof caps. Run ‘hard-to-open’ caps under the hot water tap for a minute or two. This will relax the plastic and make them way easier to get into!

    Catch the breeze. To prevent mildew building up in your washing machine, leave the lid or door open after every load of washing to allow moisture to escape. Wait a few hours before closing.

    Please keep your questions coming. We love answering them and we rely customer feedback to help us continually improve our products without damaging the environment. Earthwise is a small family-owned business and we make our products right here in New Zealand. Our mission is to give people the chance to buy eco-friendly products at prices they can afford.

    Thanks for being Earthwise.