Tackling the big cleaning jobs doesn’t have to be scary!

    31 Oct 2016

    All too soon, the festive season will be upon us. Cleaning up and decluttering in advance of summer festivities doesn’t have to be scary! So here are some tips on how to get yourself feeling ready to tackle all of the grit and grime your house has been hiding from you over the cooler months. 

    Fuel up

    Tackling big cleaning projects is hard work – so if you’re going to get through, you’re going to need some serious energy. If you’re making it an all-day event, have a hearty breakfast – plenty of protein and complex carbs – so that you can keep going and going. And as the cleaning continues, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Keep a bottle of water to hand – perhaps even some coconut water or something else packed with electrolytes if you know it’s going to be an extra tough mission.

    Get planning

    Don’t just seize a cloth and a spray bottle and attack the first surface in sight – put some thought into things. Hit the areas that you find most frustrating first – whatever that may be. Plot it out – kitchen, then lounge, then bathroom, then bedroom. Or whatever order you think will suit you best! You’ll feel much better about the process when you can see some serious progress in your wake.

    Crank some tunes

    It’s a rare person who doesn’t find that music makes mundane tasks a whole lot more enjoyable. So crank your favourite invigorating chore soundtrack – whether that may be 80s power ballads or some grunty rock’n’roll or just whatever’s top of the charts right now. And don’t be afraid to dance your way through the dusting! So get the volume turned up and bust a move – those chores will be done in no time!

    Set the scent scene 

    Some Earthwise products have very particular ingredient configurations to ensure that the product does the best job possible – that’s why our Window & Glass Cleaner is full of lemon notes, our Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray bursts with citrus and mint, and our disinfectant concentrate is powered with eucalyptus and thyme. So whatever you’re cleaning, everything will have a fresh fragrance direct from Mother Nature.

    But if you want to really set yourself up for success, picking your favourite Earthwise Air Freshener allows you to make sure that you’ve got your own stamp on your clean-up. With options including apple blossom, frangipani and lavender, there will something floral and fantastic to tickle your fancy.

    Dress to not impress 

    If you’re really committing to some serious cleaning up, make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion! You want to be comfortable, but you also want to be wearing something that’s not going to mind getting a little grotty. Even the best-maintained houses can have some trickier corners that end up with your cleaning ensemble looking a little worse for wear.

    Reward yourself!

    After you’ve done some serious scrubbing and folding and dusting and every other imaginable household chore, it’s time to sit back and relax, and appreciate your newly sparkling kingdom. Take a bath with some glorious Nourish Body Wash, or get your favourite treat dinner, or curl up for an evening of TV on your newly spotless couch. You’ve earned it!