Sustaining your summer essentials

    13 Feb 2017

    Although summer is great for fun and laughter, it can also create a bit of a washing hangover with faded prints, sweaty armpits, sagging material, sunscreen marks and sand in unwanted places. We put together a few ways you can tame the monstrous pile of washing before it gets out of hand.

    Tackle the washing mammoth whilst on holiday

    If you’re a washing enthusiast who doesn’t want to face a mountain of washing once you get home, you could try to gradually tame the beast whilst you’re on holiday. At Earthwise we recommend trying the Aloksak bag method. This will require a large heavy-duty zip-lock bag called an Aloksak (these can be purchased at any good outdoor shop or online). What you do is simply put some Earthwise detergent into the Aloksak, fill it with hot water, mix everything together by hand for five minutes, then zip up the bag and let your clothes soak for 10 minutes, before finally rinsing your clothes by refilling the Aloksak with fresh water. Get instant clean clothes without the need for a washing machine!

    Keeping your swimwear tip top

    It is also highly recommended that if you want to protect your bikini or one piece from unforeseen discoloration or stretching that you take the time to rinse them after every use and gently hand wash them every once in a while. Empty all the sand out, then soak your swimsuit in lukewarm water before leaving it to dry (out of sunlight). Following that, give it a hand wash in a mixture of lukewarm water and Earthwise detergent. While this method may require a few hours of care and gentle cleansing, it will significantly extend the life of your favourite swimsuit.  

    Getting unwanted smells out

    During summer you get up to all sorts of weird and wonderful activities. If your gear starts to develop a bit of a pong from salty or chlorine-filled water, hot and sweaty activities or fishing expeditions, we would highly recommend soaking your clothing in our Earthwise Orange and Eucalyptus laundry powder. It’s great for removing unwanted odours, as well as keeping the fabric soft and vibrant looking. Plus, who doesn’t love wearing lovely citrus-scented clothes afterwards?

    (photo credit: Allira Bowman)