Spring cleaning, you're dreaming!

    11 Sep 2017

    There are many ways to tackle spring cleaning: top to bottom; inside out; outside in; one end to the other, smallest room to the largest and even around in circles but there are a few things that most Earthwise fans seem to agree upon. The most universally-hated job is tackling the oven and, as the lighter, brighter days beckon, most households start their spring cleaning with the windows.

    • “I clean windows first because for some weird reason I like doing windows. I love seeing how clean they come up after getting lots of little hand prints off from the granddaughter.”
    • “The windows get special treatment for spring cleaning. They're my frames to capture the beautiful outdoors.”
    For others, the big clean is prompted by non-seasonal factors like getting in ahead of a birthday or family gathering. It’s funny how particular we get when we’re faced with the prospect of guests coming to stay!
    Cleaning can be an interesting insight into the way we tackle life: some procrastinate and leave the worst job until last, while others get stuck in and complete the hardest job first — so the rest seems just that little bit easier by comparison. Others create their own motivation by tackling the smallest room first to provide a quick and easy tick on their ‘to do’ list.
    Rough consensus has it that the worst jobs are cleaning the oven, bathrooms and ceilings (we all hate fly poo!) Apparently, the experts advise soaking those stubborn, pesky brown marks before trying the scrub them off – it’s said to make the job far easier. The Earthwise team will be road-testing this advice in the very near future!
    Our definition of where spring cleaning starts and ends also varies widely. For some, this seasonal clean includes garages and cars in the mix, while others stick strictly to those areas within the four walls of the house. Getting down on hands and knees to wrestle with dust bunnies along skirting boards and stubborn stains on hard floors brings its own satisfaction, but most of us like nothing better than standing back and admiring our handiwork when it’s all done. Even if that newly-cleaned look doesn’t last long once the kids get home from kindy and school!
    Whichever way you tackle it, spring cleaning is a must in most Kiwi households, although there are a few organised souls who manage to keep on top of housework all year round to lighten the load. Here are a few comments from Earthwise fans on their approach to spring cleaning:
    • “I start with the smallest room first, the walk-in wardrobe. Getting one room accomplished motivates me to do more.”
    • “I always clean the windows first to welcome in the sun.”
    • “I always do the job I hate most first, which is cleaning the kitchen ceiling!”
    • “Cleaning the lights of fly poop is one of the jobs I hate! I try and do it first to get it over and done with! I seem to do a big clean at the start of each season.”
    • “I clean by crisis.... if it looks bad I clean it! Using nice-smelling products that are good for the environment is a real bonus.”
    • “I always tackle the walls, windows and floors first and do the stuff I clean more regularly, last.”
    • “I hate doing both but always start on the oven first and wash the windows last.”
    Take a look at our gentle, affordable range of cleaning products to help you get spring cleaning underway at your place.