Singing while you clean

    18 Jan 2016

    You’re about to begin a task you’ve been putting off for a while.  So, to get in the mood, before you don the rubber gloves and jump in feet first, what’s the first thing you do?  Our guess is you put on your favourite music.  After all, there is no doubt good music makes monotonous works seem much less, well, monotonous.

    In November, for one of our ever-popular Free Stuff Friday competitions, we asked our Facebook community what songs they like to clean to.  Of the over 300 replies, there was an artist who stood out from the pack: singer-songwriter Pink!

    So, why is Pink such a wonderful cleaning companion?  Well, Alice says, “I love the beat; it makes cleaning almost fun.”

    “Pink is my jam,” says Tash. “She makes cleaning bearable!”

    Some of you even say listening to Pink makes you feel like cleaning all the time!  We wonder whether Pink this question when writing a song: “Can this be cleaned to?”

    Favourite Pink songs for cleaning

    • Next time you get the Hoover out, try these Pink favourites:
    • Get the Party Started
    • So What
    • Fun House

    The science behind music

    Music has an effect on your brain, regardless of the genre. According to science, listening to music activates a part of your brain called the nucleus accumbens, which releases the pleasure chemical called dopamine. So, if you’re dreading an unpleasant task, music will not only make it less of a grind, it will also help you finish quicker.

    It’s more fun with music

    It is a known fact that assembly line workers are happier and more efficient when listening to music. But, according to studies, it’s not so much the music, but the improved mood it brings (brought on by dopamine) that improves productivity.

    Does the type of music matter

    Not just any music will do. Harsh, discordant music can have little effect. However, upbeat music in a major key, like most of Pink’s, tends to be more effective. If a level of concentration is required when working, music can be a hindrance, but if you want to listen to music it’s better to listen to music you’re already familiar with. This is because you know what to expect and you’re less likely to get distracted.

    We hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like to listen to music while you clean? If so, what kind of music works best for you?