Making a Sensitive Choice

    16 Apr 2015

    We breathe in and out around 15,000 times each day.  For the 800,000 Kiwis affected by asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions (one in four kids and one in six adults experience asthma symptoms) it makes sense to make each breath the best it can be.  The Sensitive Choice® programme run by The Asthma Foundation NZ and the National Asthma Council Australia has been designed to make it easier for shoppers to choose products that may reduce allergy triggers. The Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly symbol can be found on a wide range of products from bedding and carpets to cleaning products and vacuum cleaners.

    And it’s way more than just a pretty symbol.  The Asthma Foundation has a formal review process that requires an independent assessment of each product before the blue butterfly is able to be displayed on a product.  The Panel includes a respiratory specialist, an allergist, and a GP, as well as a pharmacist, chemist, engineer, and an asthma sufferer – so they’ve got all the bases covered.  This means that you can rely on the symbol to help you choose products that may help in avoiding common, known allergens.

    Everyone with asthma has a trigger or triggers that commonly bring on their symptoms. Winter can be especially difficult because colder temperatures or a cold can a prompt an attack. This makes it important to identify any potential triggers in their day-to-day environment.   Take a careful look at the household products you use most often and ensure that they are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    Many Earthwise liquid and powder laundry products carry the reassuring blue butterfly, signalling to shoppers that our products are genuinely asthma and allergy-friendly.  So you could say that Earthwise laundry products help you care for the people who are your world, without costing the earth.