Saving daylight

    30 Jan 2017

    With summer comes extra-long days and warmer nights thanks to daylight savings. That extra daylight brings more than just extra sunshine – we all know how much more energised we feel when the skies are bright! With daylight savings ending on April 2, why not use the weeks we have left wisely? Here are some things you could be doing to make the most of the extra hot hour and help you love that light: 

    Be productive

    Although it’s tempting to spend your evenings in bed or in front of the television, turn off that TV! Why not use the energy that comes from the extra hour of daylight to take care of tasks that you keep putting off? For instance, you could check the batteries in your smoke detector. This simple but vital task should be done every few months, or at least once a year, because working smoke alarms save lives! Or if cyber security is important to you, why not take the time to update your passwords? Experts recommend changing your online passwords at least once a year.


    Decluttering is fantastic for mindfulness and giving you that nice cleansing feeling! Set up one box for charity, one box for selling, and one box for keeping, then get sorting – you’ll be amazed what you can clear out, plus you’ll help out a charity and perhaps even make some spare cash!

    Treat yourself

    Whilst it is important to complete such tasks, it’s also important that you take the time to treat yourself and do the things you enjoy that you don’t usually have the time to indulge in. You could go out for a walk or run in the bush, at your local park or down at the beach. If you have a furry companion to take with you, they would love the exercise and quality time too (and it’s certainly more appealing to take them out when it’s sunny than in the dark)! Or try arts and crafts – whether you like painting, sculpting, design, acting, dancing, writing stories and playing music, such activities are great for expressing your creativity, de-stressing and just having fun. Everyone has something special that they enjoy doing, so really – just do whatever makes you happy!

    Family time

    In addition to being productive and treating yourself, you can also use the extra time to spend some quality time with friends, family and loved ones. If you have a significant other, take the time to sit and talk about your day, your hopes and aspirations, as well as current likes and dislikes. Moreover, if you have children, spend some special time with them - look into their eyes, embrace your inner goofball, let your child set the agenda and follow their lead, throw your child in the air, tickle, smile, and have fun together.

    Or use the time to catch up with old friends by going out for coffee or inviting everyone around for a BBQ. It is important to establish and maintain healthy friendships that will support and journey with you through life – and the extra hour of sunlight each day is a great way to do that without feeling like socialising is encroaching on your sleep time!

    (photo credit: Rachel Hindman)