Recycle, Upcycle - Making household waste rock!

    02 Apr 2018

    As you’ll know, we’re big fans of anything that’s gentle to our world and that includes recycling and reusing household items. We’ve spent some time skipping around the internet looking for some exciting, practical ways to upcycle household waste. Have a look at these beauties:

    Create a bird feeder, take an empty plastic drink bottle, add a couple of old wooden spoons and help your feathered friends out this winter...

    Make an easy watering can for household plants - just pierce the lid and you're ready to go - or puncture a plastic drink bottle and get water straight to veggie root systems to avoid losing precious water to run-off evaporation.


    Turn old or preloved cutlery into a stunning candle holder - spray paint six tin cans, add a block of pine and a handle and create a cutlery basket to go!

    Create a beautiful air plant garden with corks and hang in a sunny room.  For best growing conditions, place succulents in indirect light.  Mist with water twice a week and soak for ten minutes once a week.  Remember to dry plants after soaking to avoid leaf rot.  Best placed in a sunny bathroom where regular misting comes from the shower!

    And our personal favourite...have a look at this clever way of using plastic screw top bottles to seal bags of dried goods like rice or pasta, snacks or cereals. 

    Or how about trying one of innovative ideas - hours of fun for the kids too!

    - Old sauce bottles: for a mess-free way of dispensing pancake batter – great for getting creative with pancake shapes and even names.

    - Old newspapers: Can easily be made into mulch and recycled into new paper.

    - Random small bits and pieces: Give interesting texture and patterns to your kids’ paintings. Feathers, sponges, bits of plastic… Anything small can be attached to a peg and used instead of the bristles of a paintbrush. 

    - Empty baked bean or soup tins: Remove the label, put a hole in the bottom, and spray paint the tins bronze (or another colour of your choosing), then grow your favourite herbs inside.

    - Old milk bottles: Collect them all (and this might take a while), but eventually you’ll have enough to build a small igloo.

    Thanks to all the creative bloggers for your amazing ideas: Make it & Love it, Sassy Townhouse Living, One Cent at a Time, Dzine and many more. You rock!