Real Kiwis love Nourish

    07 Nov 2016


    Sometimes it can be hard to know what to believe. Paid product reviews and marketing campaigns can swing your attention away from real experience into media ‘La La land’. We asked some real Earthwise fans for their open and honest opinion of our Nourish range. And wow did we get it! 

    Family favourite

    Our Earthwise Biggest Fan, Aurora Christensen, is a second-generation fan of our products. This is what she had to say about Nourish…

    “Being a huge fan of Earthwise Products I was keen to try their new Nourish range. I have two teen daughters who are obsessed with the idea of luxury products but they are often products that are full of synthetic smells, chemicals and nasty preservatives. I knew that converting them was going to be a hard task.

    I took a straightforward approach and simply cleaned the bathroom out, placing the Nourish products in the bathroom in place of their usual products. Then I sat back and waited…

    Both girls were thrilled, and could not believe how delicious the smells of the body washes were. They both love the soaps, shampoo and conditioner ranges which leaves them feeling clean and fresh.

    One of my daughters has curly hair and the other straight hair - both come out shiny, conditioned, manageable and smelling amazing.

    For myself, I love the products simply because they work! My hair feels clean, but not stripped. A little bit goes a long way and the conditioner is thick and conditions my dry, coloured hair.

    The body wash and soaps are beautiful and extremely high quality. Your skin feels like soft and pampered after using them, and not dry and stripped of oils. Quietly, and between me and you, my husband loves the lemon grass soap because it doesn’t smell too girly for him.

    I feel like I am using an expensive top quality product for a fraction of the price; and it ticks so many more boxes: natural products, NZ company, a company with ethics and values…. the list goes on.”

    We’ve also received some great reviews from bloggers who are all fans of the natural gentle, plant-based ingredients and affordable pricing.

    The price is right

    Vanisha from A Life Un-styled says that Nourish is the first natural range of products that she has come across that is so affordably priced.

    “I’m honestly relieved to be able to share a product that is gentle on your skin, gentle on the earth and gentle on your pocket. I’ve come to appreciate and respect that for many what items cost is the bottom line and most important factor. Don’t get me wrong, I consider the cost of things too but often it’s the second or third factor. Patrick, on the other hand, is like many of my blog readers and friends for whom cost is still extremely important when it comes to purchasing items.

    I’m excited to continue using the Earthwise Nourish products, it’s one range that Patrick and I both agreed on readily. Finally, a range of products that met my “is it safe?”, “is it natural?” criteria and Patrick’s “is it affordable?” criteria. 

    We love Vanisha’s approach of moving away from a life that is styled for photographs towards an everyday life worth photographing.

    Frugal Kiwi Mum, from Rotorua loves our Nourish Protect Shampoo, posting on her FB Page: “It's not very often I find a product I adore but Earthwise have done it! This SLS/SLES, silicone and palm oil free shampoo smells devine and leaves my curls feeling great! Its even on promotion at Countdown Supermarkets for $5.99 for 400ml - bargain!”

    Amazing fragrance

    Engaging our senses is a fast and powerful way to unwind and many people find that the sense of smell has an important part to play in getting us in the ‘chill out’ zone. We call it Indulging your senses and we like what Jay and Sarah had to say:

    Nourish products “have yummy exotic scents that are all natural as well so we don’t need to worry about harsh ingredients on our skin and you don’t get left with that dry stripped feeling you get from other soaps and body washes.”

    No nasties

    Our general manager was recently interviewed on Radio Live where he discussed the Earthwise philosophy of ‘no nasties’, naming the biggies of parabens, sulphates, cocamide, carcinogens and synthetic dyes. We previously blogged about what’s not in Earthwise products and, of course, Nourish products are palm-oil free too, adding to our environmental and sustainability ethos.

    It’s great that New Zealanders are now taking more notice of what they put on their skin. This is what Vanessa of Bubbalino Kitchen had to say about our Nourish hair range:

    “One of my favourite things about this range is that it’s totally and completely free from Sulphates, Dimethicone, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic Dyes, Phosphates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ethel Sulfate (SLES). As with the Hand and Body Wash I shared a few weeks back, this packaging is 100% recyclable and the products are never tested on animals which makes me happy.”

    For all the family

    Nourish has been developed to be suitable for all the family. Like our ‘Caring for your world’ tagline, our products are not just good for the Earth but also for you and your family. We were pleased to receive feedback that our range really is great for the whole family!

    Says Megan of Thread NZ,

    “The shampoo and conditioners smell quite fresh and herbal, rather than too flowery, which is useful as they’re not too florally for the men to use as well. They have coconut oil, aloe vera, argan oil, and other botanicals to nourish (as the name suggests!)”

    Naturally clean

    At Earthwise, our belief system is simple: If Nature makes it then we don’t have to. We developed our new body care range from the finest quality natural botanicals and essential oils that protect and nourish our skin, as well as cleaning it.

    Leonie of The Style Insider agrees:

    “As a mum of two busy boys I’m a fairly harsh critic but the new formulations definitely get a big tick of approval from us. The new Earthwise Nourish range uses all natural botanicals and gorgeous essential oils like jasmine, ylang ylang and cedarwood combined with vanilla, coconut and manuka honey to make the products feel and smell divine.”

    10 out of 10 rating by Kiwis

    Our Lily & White Ginger and Tahitian Lime & Sandalwood hand washes have also been reviewed recently by KiwiReviews. Overall, they both scored a big 10/10!

    The smell reminded me of summer in my mother's garden

    I loved the simplicity of the bottle, a nice crisp white coloured bottle with lovely grey, black and violet writing on it, the colours worked well together without being over whelming and fitting the daycor of my bathroom perfectly! The bottle also suited the contents well as being plain, simple and effective is just like what's inside no nasties, chemicals or baddies, just essential oils and natural botanicals.

    The Lily & White Ginger hand wash gave my hands a nice feel to them and moisturised them well after using the clay. My hands have felt quite soft over the past week that I have been using the hand wash.

    It is safe for grey water and septic tanks. This has to be a huge plus for our environment even if you are on town water supply as the waste water has to go somewhere and we don't want chemicals going down the drain!

    It lathers and cleans really well and leaves my hands really soft afterwards. I don't find my hands as dry as they usually are using our previous hand wash.

    The Tahitian Lime & Sandalwood fragrance, “It's a great soap for both males and females which is important if you don't want to have 2 bottles of soap sitting at the sink! I can get headaches from sickly floral smells, and I'm glad to have had a chance to try this out and find that I love it!”

    Thanks KiwiReviews and all our fans. Go Nourish!