Quick tips to get ready for guests this season

    18 Dec 2014

    If this rings true for you, here are a few ways to make that ten minute clean go even further!

    Focus on the rooms that you’re likely to use – and shut the doors everywhere else!

    Clean up the bathroom – give the sink and toilet a quick spray and wipe down.  Clean the mirror, top up the hand wash and make sure you put in some fresh fluffy towels.

    Make the house smell great – use a few bursts of your favourite Earthwise room fragrance and leave everywhere smelling gorgeously fresh.

    Take a look from the outside – spend a minute looking at the entrance to your house from a guests’ point of view.  Putting away shoes, toys and other hallway clutter will make the whole house seem tidier.

    Do a quick wipe and vacuum – put a clean sock on your hand and run over the main surfaces in the living area.  Follow up with the vacuum cleaner on both carpets and hard floors to get rid of anything that might crunch underfoot!

    Turn down harsh lighting – this sets a relaxed mood as well as being way more forgiving to the odd spot of dust that you may have missed.

    Empty your kitchen bin – Don’t let the smell of old food scraps and rubbish undo all your good work.  After the bin has been emptied, give the base a quick squirt of Multi Surface Cleaning Spray and wipe round with paper towels to finish off the job.

    Phew!  That should leave you a couple of minutes to wipe your face, throw on a clean top and slap on a smile.  Happy holiday entertaining  :-)