Quality counts at Earthwise

    23 Mar 2015

    Michael Turner is a microbiologist by trade and Compliance Officer by title but he’s better described as the Earthwise Quality Guardian.  It’s Michael that makes sure each batch of products is thoroughly tested during the blending process and then again when it’s packed. 

    Michael’s formal testing regime is backed up by eyes and noses of our on-site manufacturing team:   “We’re a small team effectively producing hand-made products that we smell, touch and feel to ensure quality.  This brings us closer to our customers.  If any of the team senses that something about a batch of product is different, we’ll check it out.  We all have a say in keeping the quality of our products right up there.”

    Michael is well used to applying the highest standards for product integrity having spent many years testing milk products for Fonterra.  As far as Michael is concerned ‘bugs are bugs’ and it’s his job to make sure none get into Earthwise’s range of allergy-friendly products.

    At home, Michael enjoys growing his own veggies and often has plenty to spare for neighbours and friends.  The Turners hand-water the garden to avoid over-use and they work hard to recycle as much of their household waste as possible.

    “We try to avoid buying over-packaged products and recycle everything,” said Michael.  “I wouldn’t describe us as eco-warriors but we definitely believe that every little helps.”