Nourishing your body and soul

    15 Aug 2016

    We all understand the importance of healthy eating but it’s not just what we put in our bodies that counts. Take a moment to consider your skin — and not just the skin on your face and hands. Our skin is our largest organ. It protects us against environmental dangers like bacteria, acts to repel water coming from the outside and minimises the water we lose from the inside. Our skin also protects blood vessels, nerves and organs and helps to regulate our body temperature.

    So all in all, our skin is well worth looking after. The new Earthwise body care range, Nourish, has been developed with all this firmly in mind. Our formulation team has chosen the finest quality natural botanicals and essential oils to create a naturally gentle range. At Earthwise our belief system is simple: If Nature makes it then we don’t have to.

    On the label of every product in our new Nourish body care range, you’ll see the words - crafted in New Zealand from essential oils and natural botanicals – but what do we actually mean by ‘natural botanicals’?

    Natural botanicals are natural ingredients that come from plants. The main botanicals used in the Nourish range are sugar beet extract, coconut oil, vitamin E and guar gum.

    Sugar beet extract acts as a true moisturiser by controlling the water balance in your skin. In Nourish body and hand wash products, the naturally-occurring amino acids in sugar beet extract feed and strengthen the skin barrier, helping to keep out bacteria, viruses and toxins. Anti-inflammatory properties work to counter skin irritation. Antioxidants in the extract also help to prevent and repair damage to your skin. In our hair care range, sugar beet extract strengthens hair, making it shiny and more elastic, as well as gently protecting the skin on your scalp.

    Coconut oil is another natural botanical that we use to enrich many of the products in our Nourish range. Known for its deeply moisturising properties, coconut oil is great for all types of skin and its antioxidant properties help to delay the appearance of wrinkles and skin sagging. It is also fabulous at supporting healthy hair growth, giving your hair a glossy look and feel.

    Vitamin E is well-known as a powerful skin-conditioning antioxidant which moisturises, protects and heals the skin — and can also help to prevent the signs of premature aging.

    Guar gum is the fibre from the seed of the guar plant. It is a thickening agent which also works as a conditioner to protect the natural oils in your skin and hair. When combined with coconut oil, guar gum gently protects colour treated hair to preserve vibrancy and shine.

    Of course our Nourish range also uses some well-loved ingredients from New Zealand like harakeke and manuka honey, traditionally used for their anti-bacterial properties; shea butter for its healing properties; rose hip oil for its antioxidant, anti-aging and deep nourishing qualities and aloe leaf juice to soothe and heal the skin.

    As well as feeling fantastic, the Nourish range smells divine! Essential oils like lemongrass, sweet orange, cedar wood, sage, sandalwood, jasmine and ylang ylang are combined with Tahitian lime, white lily and ginger help to create little moments of pure ‘me time’ in our busy lives.

    Why not try the Nourish range for yourself? Being kind to the environment has never felt so good.

    Find out more about our new Nourish range.


    Photo credit: thank you to My Little House