Natural treats for your hands

    04 Jul 2016

    Winter can be hard on our hands. The combination of cold weather and hot water often leaves them cracked, rough and sore. While we tend to take good care of the skin on our face, sometimes our hard-working hands get a little overlooked.

    We asked our Earthwise fans to tell us what their hands go through every day and it left us feeling quite exhausted! Nappy-changing and washing up came top of the list, followed by gardening, cleaning and nursing the sick (both at home and professionally). So the team started thinking about how we can all give ourselves a bit of everyday me-time – little things that help us look and feel better. After all, we invest plenty of time in the other people in our lives.

    It’s the small things we do every day that make a difference – like choosing a gentle, natural hand wash or soap that actually nourishes our skin, instead of just cleaning it. That’s why we’ve called our range of body products, Nourish.

    So, for an extra treat we’ve found some quick, easy, natural hand scrub recipes and moisturizing tips that you can use at home for soft, pampered hands. Coconut oil provides moisture as well as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, honey heals and softens the skin and lemon juice leaves our hands smelling fresh and clean. At Earthwise we love natural ingredients – that’s why we use so many of them in our products.

    Coconut and honey scrub for dry skin

    1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil

    2 tablespoons of raw honey

    1/4 cup of coarse sea salt

    1/4 cup of organic sugar

    1 tablespoon of lemon juice

    Mix the honey and the organic coconut oil together in a medium-sized glass mixing bowl. In another small bowl, blend together the salt, sugar and lemon juice until it becomes crumbly. Pour the salt mixture over the honey mixture and combine them well until smooth.

    Home-made lemon hand scrub

    ¾ cup of white sugar

    ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil

    1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

    Slowly add the olive oil to the sugar. Add just enough to moisten the sugar without it becoming runny. Mix in the fresh lemon juice. For both recipes, just scrub your hands for 30 to 60 seconds – and don’t forget to exfoliate between your fingers. Rinse well and pat dry. You can store any excess scrub in an airtight container - but make sure you use it within a month.

    For even softer, more pampered hands, apply a generous amount of natural hand moisturizer before bed (taking care to rub in between your fingers and around the cuticles). Then put on a pair of clean cotton or knitted gloves (a pair of socks will do the job equally well). This traps the moisture inside, allowing the cream to soak into your skin – and keeps your bedclothes cream-free!

    Thanks Natural Beauty Tips for the inspo!