More Water Saving Tips

    06 Apr 2015

    Free Stuff Friday really rocks!  We recently asked you for your best water saving tips on Facebook and gave away some Earthwise shower and bathroom cleaner to some lucky winners.  We had over 200 replies - some were colourful, some inventive but they were all great ways to save one drop, one lake…

    • Put a bucket in the shower and then use the water on the garden
    • Pour the dehumidifier water straight on to the plants
    • Wash up by hand!  Unless you’ve got a brand-new water-efficient dishwasher
    • Only do full loads of laundry – save any overflow to make up the next full load
    • Family baths or showers!  Tackle the cleanest child first to get the most out of your water!  Leave the grubbiest child until the end
    • Once the paddling pool water gets a bit mucky, use it on the garden
    • Use a timer when kids shower, challenging them to a ‘who can have the quickest shower?’ competition (soap compulsory!)
    • Cool your veggie cooking water and use it to add extra nutrients to your garden
    • If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, swim one day, bath the next
    • Use ollas (pronounced aw-yahs) to provide a slow release water supply to water your plants. An olla is an earthen pot for holding water, but as they are not glazed it is not porous and the water slowly seeps out. The olla has a narrow neck and wide bowl and is buried in the ground with just the top visible.
    • And last but not least - if it’s yellow let it mellow!