More Tips for Lovely Laundry

    26 Jan 2015

    We asked our Facebook fans for their top laundry tips and there were so many fantastic ideas that we just had to share some.  Interestingly, one theme that came out loud and clear was ‘keep husbands out of the laundry!’  Our GM suggests that maybe some husbands are smart enough to stuff it up often enough to make sure that they’re banished!  We couldn’t possibly comment…


    Washing wisdom


    • If an item has any sort of mark, pop it in a bucket of cold water straight away to stop the stain setting.  Then you can deal with it later.
    • Use mesh lingerie bags for all delicate fabrics.  I always put my chiffon tops, crinkle mesh cardies and tights in separate bags in the machine.  Not having to hand-wash them saves time and the bags protect them from twisting in the machine.
    • Check all pockets before putting clothes in the wash - especially the pockets belonging to any boys in the house!
    • Wash shirts and blouses on a low spin so they dry wrinkle-free - then you don't have to iron them!


    Top Tip from the Earthwise Chemist:  A great way to remove stains is to mix a small amount of laundry powder with water and make a paste then work that into the stain then wash fairly soon afterwards.

    Dapper Drying


    • Leave towels on the line until almost dry then pop them in the dryer for five minutes to finish them off.  This keeps them super soft, especially when you use Earthwise fabric softener.
    • Dry your dress shirts on a coat hanger.   That way they keep their shape and it saves ironing.
    • After years dealing with baskets of odd socks, I now use a mini peg rack to hang out our socks.  I pair them up straight off the line.  No more baskets of lonely socks and it saves me a fortune in buying new ones. The other bonus is I need less pegs and can fit more on the line.
    • Always fold the towels in half over the clothes line to keep their shape, do the same with tea towels and face cloths.
    • I do an extra spin cycle, especially in the winter, so the clothes come out even drier and take less time to dry on the line.
    • Clean machine
    • Be nice to your washing machine.  Run a hot wash with baking soda and white vinegar once in a while to keep it clean and shiny

    Thanks to everyone who sent us their laundry tips.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the next Free Stuff Friday giveaway.