The Earthwise One Drop Crew is here!

    17 Aug 2015

    Meet the One Drop Crew, you’ll find these little critters on our new baby range products.  They are there to remind us that sustainability is not just about our environment; it’s about the environment that we all share. 

    Shelley is the wise head of the crew, Ernie’s a hard worker, Floss is shy, Flipper is pretty cool, Splash and Dash are the jokers of the pack, and Spout – well, he tends to go on a bit…

    Click here to download our gorgeous colouring in pages.

    We hope that you and your little ones at home enjoy getting to know the One Drop Crew — watch this space because you’ll be hearing more from them soon.

    One Drop, one lake.  One leaf, one tree.  One earth. We've only got one, let's care for it. 

    My name is Shelley and I live out in the sea  
    Floating in the seagrass, munching jellyfish for tea 
    I’ve been around a while and I know a thing or two.  
    So please help keep our oceans clean; it’s best for me and you 

    I'm Splash the fish and I love blowing bubbles 
    I’m a  fun-loving sort but I get into trouble 
     For playing tricks on the rest of the crew 
     When I hide in the coral and wait to shout ‘boo!’


    I’m Ernie and some of my best friends are flowers 
     I pop round to see them, getting pollen for hours 
     I’m buzzy and fuzzy and I work hard all day I’m kind, sweet and friendly, don’t scare me away



    My name is Spout, when I grow up I’ll be 
    The biggest mammal on land or in the sea 
    My favourite food is tiny krill – they really are quite yummy 
    But I have to eat a lot each day or I get a rumbly tummy  


    I’m Dash, the cheeky chappie that you’ll see around your place 
    Hopping, chirping and flitting around with my flock of mates  
    I love to splash in puddles and clean my feathers with dust  
    You don’t get quite as good-looking as me without making a little fuss  

    I’m Floss and I’m shy when folks are around 
    So I thump my back legs and dive underground 
    Even though I know I could win any race 
    I stay snug in my burrow, my special safe place


    I’m Flipper the penguin and I fly through the sea 
    Chasing the fish that I eat for my tea 
    I waddle on land - which the seals find quite funny 
    So I flip quickly over and slide on my tummy

    For more colouring pages of the One Drop Crew: