Make preparing for visitors a breeze

    05 Dec 2016


    The festive season is the time of year for family – which is great! What can feel not so great though, is the process of preparing the house for the inevitable influx of visitors. Whether it’s parents, siblings, cousins or in-laws – or some combination of the lot – you’ll want to make sure things are looking their best so that your fabulous Christmas celebration is the talk of the town.

    We’ve put together a handy checklist of some of the things you can do to make preparing for visitors simple and straightforward.

    Do the laundry well in advance

    No-one wants to be frantically drying sheets and towels ten minutes before guests arrive - so two weeks out, make sure you’ve got clean linens ready to go. Be sure that you’re prepared for even the most sensitive of relatives as well - our ultra sensitive, fragrance free laundry powder or liquid might be your best bet to ensure that everyone’s comfy tucked into the guest room bed.

    Consider your bathroom essentials

    There’s nothing worse than getting to Christmas Day and running out of toilet paper just when the shops are closed - make sure you’re stocked up on toilet paper, hand soap and other bathroom essentials in advance.

    Get your allergies sorted

    With Earthwise products, you don’t have to worry about anyone reacting to chemicals or their asthma being triggered by propellants - but that doesn’t mean you’ve got an allergen free zone! Check in with family ahead of time about any food allergies or intolerances, and confirm whether they’ll bring their own food or ask for suggestions of what you can provide. They’ll be grateful that you thought about them, and you’ll be glad when no-one goes home hungry!

    Keep your home’s quirks in mind

    In the weeks leading up to your guests arriving, be sure to take note of any odd things about your house that you’re used to but that may confuse your family. An odd toilet flush, strangely placed light switches, doors that you have to pull up before you can close them… Whatever the quirk, let guests know as you’re welcoming them, or put notes in obvious places to help them feel at home.

    Little cleans instead of one big clean

    Don’t stress yourself out by leaving one big clean up until the day before everyone comes - instead, put your Earthwise cleaning products to good use and do a deep clean a week or two beforehand - then just keep it spic and span by regularly wiping down the most used surfaces, such as those in the kitchen and bathroom.

    Above all, relax!

    The festive season shouldn’t be about stress or hard work. Aim to get your house ready well in advance and enjoy the time with your family. And, to all your family, happy holidays!