Love your laundry room

    06 Jun 2016

    Often the least-loved room in the house, the laundry seems to attract all those bits and pieces that don’t really belong anywhere else. Does anyone else have a little pile of coins, buttons, pieces of plastic and snack bags retrieved from pockets pre-washing? How about a single sock pile or a desolate heap of clothes waiting to go in the recycle bag? For all sorts of items, the laundry seems to be the last stop on the line!

    What is your pet hate? We did a straw poll in the office and found that screechy ironing boards, cluttered bench space and little piles of non-laundry items being dumped by other family members were some of the things that drive us mad. So what can we do to make our laundry a nicer place to be – because, let’s face it, someone has to spend a fair bit of time in there every week?

    • How about a piece of art to lighten the mood? Whether it’s painted by a favourite grand master or your creative child, a splash of colour will brighten up the laundry and bring a smile to your face. If art is hanging near wet areas, remember to frame or laminate it so it stays safe from the damp.
    • Installing a feature wall, splash-back glass or decorative tiles are all the rage at the moment. Add some checkerboard tiles on the floor or bring in traditional wood accents to make this a great place to be in and walk through (particularly great for back-door thoroughfare access).
    • Use hanging baskets for the bits and bobs that fall out of pockets pre-wash – or that get missed and come out of the wash extra-shiny!
    • Bench space, if you have room, is a real luxury. Try to keep it clean and clear (there’s a challenge!) and adding green plants, fresh flowers and scented candles will help take your mind off the more tedious tasks.
    • Lovely smelling natural hand wash and fluffy towels are a must (try our new Nourish handwash range - the Lily and White Ginger is beautiful). Even add a rug on the floor to really make this practical space more homely.
    • If you need some extra room to dry washing or you’re short of floor space, have a look at fold-down clothes racks that can be mounted to the wall. You can even buy a pulley system to hang clothes from the ceiling.
    • A metal or wooden rail can offer a simple storage solution for hanging shirts waiting to be ironed – and who knows, maybe all the wrinkles will fall out by the time you get around to ironing them!
    • If you’re sick of tripping over the iron or of folding it up and down (yep, that’s the screechy part), why not have one built into a cupboard and just pull it down to use. The best part of this idea is that the iron and board can be easily tucked away when not needed.

    If all these ideas have inspired you to spruce up your laundry space, whether it be a room of its own or part of the garage, this could be your lucky day! We’ve been talking to our friends at Robinhood (who have some amazing space-saving, clever solutions to all your laundry ills) and we’ve decided to team up to offer fans the chance to WIN an amazing laundry makeover, click here to find out more.  (competition ended).

    (photo credit: Barlow Reid Design)