How to reduce your power usage this chilly season

    05 Jun 2017

    Now that winter has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about your power use and how you can reduce it. Although it’s tempting to throw your clothes in the dryer, turn up your electric blanket, and leave the heater running in your bedroom, it’s still possible to be cosy and reduce our power consumption in the process. Here are a few handy hints to help you out during this cold season:

    Dry your clothes in front of the heat pump

    If you’ve got a well-insulated house, heat pumps can be extremely energy efficient. Instead of resorting to the dryer, which can leave a large dent in your power bill, try popping those damp clothes on your drying rack in front of the heat pump instead. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’re ready to be worn!

    Heat up with a hottie

    Hot water bottles are great; there’s a reason your grandma swears by them! To ensure your hottie keeps its heat, invest in a cosy cover to put over it. Although electric blankets can be handy, they often use a lot of power, plus we often forget to turn them off, which can be dangerous. Hot water bottles are super cheap, plus you can carry them around the house with you so you’re warm no matter where you are. 

    Use LED lights

    Time to get decorative! LED lights, often used in fairy or christmas lights, use 75% less energy than regular incandescent light bulbs and produce less heat. Not only are they energy efficient, they look magical and make any room feel cosy.

    Keep the heated towel rail use to a minimum

    Heated towel rails, when left on consistently, can add $170 to your power bill a year. Many towel rails come with timers that will turn themselves on at certain times of the day. If you don’t have a timer, ensure you switch off your towel rail when it’s not being used. Or better yet, buy yourself a warm robe to pop on after your shower instead.

    Curtains are your friend

    Curtains are fantastic at keeping the heat locked in at home, plus they add a sense of cosiness to any living space. Ensure you have no gaps and your curtains drape right down to the floor to eliminate any cold drafts.

    Socks and thermals

    It’s time to go shopping! When was the last time you bought yourself some warm, fluffy socks and long sleeved thermals? It’s time to rug up. Often the heater can be left switched off if we just add a few more layers. It can be surprising how much of a difference some new socks and woolies can make.

    Switch it off

    It may be obvious, but you’d be surprised how often we forget to do this. Before you head to bed, check what appliances need to be switched off. Appliances and gadgets such as the microwave, the dishwasher, toaster, TV, and DVD player all use power when not switched off at the wall. Check for multi boards which have numerous gadgets plugged in too.

    When it comes to winter, power bills can rise pretty quickly – so it’s worth making a few changes to keep your power usage to a minimum. It’ll do your wallet – and the planet – a favour!