Holiday washing headaches

    21 Dec 2015


    Are you going on holiday this summer?  And if so, what happens to your dirty clothes?  Are you the organized type who washes their clothes while on holiday?  Or, do you store everything up for a mammoth washing session when you get home?

    Last year we asked our Facebook followers this very question, and there were some interesting replies.

    Washing avoiders

    Annalie wasn’t going to have her holiday fun be spoiled by washing.  This is what she said: “Nah, I'm on holiday!  That means from chores, too.”

    Karen agrees with Annalie: “Mammoth wash when I get home!!!  I like to be relieved of some of my daily duties when holidaying.”

    Andrea has it figured out — she doesn’t have to wash her clothes or deal with a huge pile of washing when she gets home: “I wear my togs a lot when I'm away, and they kinda get a wash every time I swim, which is about three times a day!  That applies for the rest of the family, too.  The towels, however, do start to pile up and are taken home as the bach is on tank.”

    Before you start thinking all Earthwise fans are holiday-clothes-washing avoiders, here are some other replies.

    Washing enthusiasts

    Debbie said, “I like to keep on top of the washing, lol.  Seeing a mountain of washing makes me anxious.  I have slight OCD, and it would weigh on my mind.  So I keep it up.  Even if we are away I go to a laundromat or do the washing at friend’s or family’s place.”

    “With a family of five, I wash every two days whilst away — would hate to think how big my pile would be if I stored it up for our entire two-week holiday,” says Kirstin.

    Hunter says, “Fishing clothes get soaked in Earthwise Orange and Eucalyptus — it gets the smell out.  I’m running low and need some more.”

    A tip for washing clothes while on holiday

    For those of you who fall into the washing enthusiasts’ category, you may like to try the Aloksak bag method, if you’re not already.

    This method requires a large heavy-duty zip-lock bag called an Aloksak – these are a great invention and can be found at an outdoor shop or online (just google ‘aloksak nz’).

    Here's what you do:

    • Throw some Earthwise detergent into the Aloksak 
    • Fill with hot water
    • Mix everything by hand for around five minutes
    • Zip up bag and let your clothes soak for 10 minutes
    • Rinse by refilling the Aloksak with fresh water.      
    Clean clothes in a jiffy and not a washing machine in sight.  Safe travels and happy holidays from the Earthwise crew.