How clean are your dishes?

    03 Jul 2017

    When it comes to washing the dishes, there seems to be a divide between the rinsers and non-rinsers of this world. Is it cultural? Perhaps. American dish-washers will invariably rinse their dishes, before and after washing them. Those of British descent or birth tend to save water by leaving their dishes to drip dry with the suds on. And interestingly, both camps of washer-uppers struggle to understand the logic of the other.

    The main arguments seem to centre around hygiene, time and water usage. This rinsers believe that leaving suds on and washing from glasses to pots in the same water opens the door to germs and bacteria. The non-rinsers see the use of more than one sinkful of water, plus copious running water for rinsing as being unnecessary and wasteful — both of water and their time! 

    We asked our Earthwise fans to tell us which side of the dishwashing fence they positioned themselves on and the results were interesting:

    Straight off the bat 68% of Earthwise fans are also fans of rinsing. Out of the group that do not choose to rinse, they often make an exception for glasses to avoid residues. Here are a few of the comments:

    “I rinse some things like baby bottles but generally don't rinse after washing the dishes...”

    “Would you wash your hair and not rinse out the shampoo? Would you wash the clothes and not rinse out the detergent? Would you clean your teeth and not rinse out the toothpaste? I'm on the rinse 'em team!”

    “I'm an anti-rinser (wastes more water when drying will do the same thing!) and my partner is pro-rinser. So to avoid arguments I only rinse when he's looking ;) hasn't killed him yet!”

    “I guess people who do rinse are concerned with the chemicals being on their plates afterwards, but if you use earth wise then there would be no extra rinsing needed.”

    “Definitely rinse. Though possibly that's because I didn't trust leaving the any soap residue on my dishes. With you guys, I'm guessing that wouldn't be a worry.”