Healthy cleaning tips for asthma and allergy sufferers

    04 May 2015

    Have you ever noticed the Blue Butterfly logo on most of our laundry range and wondered why it’s there?  It’s the emblem of Sensitive Choice programme run by the National Asthma Council Australia and Asthma Foundation (NZ).  The Blue Butterfly indicates products that have been independently reviewed and identified as products that could be a better choice for people with asthma and allergies.

    At Earthwise, we are committed to providing products that are gentler on you, your family and the environment.  We don’t set out to change the world — but we believe every little helps.  So, here are some practical tips that will reduce your exposure to common allergy triggers like chemicals, moulds, dust and pollens – we hope they help.

    Leave dust at the door. Keep dust, pollen and more from entering your house in the first place by encouraging visitors to slip off their shoes at the door. 

    Swap out heavy curtains. Thick curtains with lots of folds and pleats are masters at trapping dust and other allergens. Instead, choose blinds that you can wipe down or machine-washable curtains.

    Upgrade your vacuum cleaner. Get one with a HEPA filter to trap allergens — they work wonders. 

    Remove carpeting. Traditional wall-to-wall carpeting is notoriously difficult to keep clean. Wherever possible, go with hard flooring (wood, tile or linoleum) instead. 

    Ditch the winter woollies.  That delicate wool sweater you wear three times before washing is terrible for your allergies. Dust and pollen clings to clothes -- especially those made from rough or sticky fabrics like wool.  Washing after every wear is essential during allergy season, so you'd be better off wearing cotton or other easily washable materials.

    Wash with hot water.  People who wash their clothes in 55-degree C water generally have fewer allergens on their clothes than those who cleaned items in cold water. (No report on how much their clothes shrunk, though!) 

    Add eucalyptus oil.  If you want to continue your cold water washes, add eucalyptus oil to the tub to help kill dust mites and neutralise allergens – or use EW’s Orange & Eucalyptus laundry products! 

    Green your clean-up. Harsh chemical cleaners may irritate those allergies. Luckily, it's quite easy to make your cleaning gentler on you and your environment.  Earthwise products are plant-based, kinder to skin, with no harsh chemicals and are a naturally powerful way to clean your home.

    Fragrances.  Some people react badly to fragrances. If that’s you, ideally you’d know specifically which fragrances to avoid. If you don’t, ask your doctor or allergist for a skin-prick test.  It may be that fragrance-free products are the way to go!