Happy Hippos help play the day away

    27 Mar 2017

    Wow! Our Earthwise fans are a creative bunch. When we asked how you reuse the Earthwise Happy Hippo containers, we were amazed by the sheer number of different answers that we received. These ideas were way too good to keep to ourselves, so here comes some inspiration:

    Water Play
    • Simply fill with water and let rip! These hippos make the best bath-time squirters – hours of awesome, squeaky-clean fun. 
    • Get set for some imaginary bath-time adventures with their best Hippo friend – just hand over the container and the kids will do the rest!
    • ‘See and do’ pretend play, fill with water and let your little one ‘wash’ themselves without wasting any of the lovely product.
    • Cut out the back and use the Hippo as a bubble bath scoop to build towering piles of lovely bubbly fun. 
    Messy play 
    • Use as easy-dispense paint containers. Lots of paint squirting fun! 
    • Fill each Hippo with a different primary colour and let your kiddies work out how many new colours they can make
    • Fill with homemade body paint and let you toddler loose in the bath tub! Messy play with a quick, easy clean up. Warning, you might want to wear an apron!
    • Fill with finger paint and create a fun container that’s easy for little fingers to manage - with a tight lid that keeps the paint from drying out (this works just as well for PVA glue)
    • Cut out the back and use the Hippo as a play dough mould or make smiley prints in rolled out dough
    • Make your own Hippo by filling the container with plaster of paris. Just cut the hippo shape out when dry and paint!
    • Use as a fun container for homemade bubble mixture. 
    In the sandpit
    • Cut out the back to make a happy hippo sand scoop
    • Fill with water and use to create rivers and streams in the sandpit
    • Cut off the back and use to make hippo sand moulds or make smiley prints in wet sand 
    In the garden  
    • Test your little one’s hand-eye co-ordination by giving them a water-filled Hippo to squirt your thirsty plants
    • Fill with water, then turn upside down to make a drip feeder for house plants 
    • Hang different coloured Hippos from a coat hanger to make a colourful mobile for babies
    • Fill the base of the Hippos with sand and make a set of skittles – just add a soft ball
    • See how high you can go! Use the colourful Hippos as stacking toys, in or out of the bath
    • Cut out the ready-made slot in the top to create a cute Hippo money box
    • Cut off the top to make a pencil or paint brush holder 
    In the kitchen 
    • Clean out thoroughly and use the smiley Hippo face to make happy Hippo cookies 
    Musical play
    • Make a range of rattles and shakers with your pre-schooler – using dried peas, rice, pebbles, unpopped corn - and see how many different sounds they can make. 
    In the nappy bag
    • Fill with water and a few drops of calendula and use to wet reusable homemade wipes

    We hope that these ideas have sparked off some great family fun for you and your little one. If you have any more ideas, we’d love to hear about them on our Earthwise Facebook page. Happy playtime!