Handy Hints for Stressed Parents

    18 Jul 2016

    Parenting involves a lot of love – and a lot of stress. No matter how angelic your kids can be on a good day, there will always be other days when you’re tearing your hair out. And that’s not good for anyone involved! 

    So we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to get a little me-time and de-stress. We’d highly recommend keeping this article on hand for the next time things get a little rowdy at home!

    Drinking it in

    A cup of coffee is so much more than a hot drink for many people. We had many responses describing their perfect ‘me-time’ coffee moments – whether it’s out in the sun or indoors with a wee one to watch over, there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a cuppa! Whether you drink regular or decaf – and whether you take it black, or with a slosh of milk, or take a fancier approach with a cappuccino or even some deliciously decadent whipped cream, there’s a moment of calm for everyone to capture. And if you’re not a coffee fan, there’s always an ever-growing array of gorgeous teas on offer, so pop the kettle on and drink down some daytime liquid courage.

    Bathe in beautiful calm

    For an after-hours wind-down once the kids are in bed and the day’s almost through, a luxurious bath is a sure-fire way to let the day’s stresses melt away. You can even add a bit of Earthwise nourishment to your bath – with both the Unwind and Indulge formulations of our Nourish body wash providing a very special way to relax. Even if you don’t have a bath, treating yourself every once in a while to a piping hot and extra-long shower after a particularly trying day can make all the difference – maybe even light a scented candle to create an extra special atmosphere!

    Working it all out

    Stress can result in a lot of pent up energy – so getting active when you get the chance can be the perfect way to let it out and work on your fitness at the same time. Whether you want the centring abilities of yoga, the channelled aggression of kickboxing, or the solo power of running, finding space in your day for physical activity can get you feeling wonderful.

    Sleep on it

    Getting enough shut-eye can be difficult no matter what age and stage your kids are at – whether it’s because they’re struggling to sleep through the night in the early days, needing your help on a last minute school project as a pre-teen, or deciding that midnight is the perfect time for guitar practice when they’re 15. Aiming for a full night of sleep is the dream – but it’s not always going to happen. Allowing yourself a little snooze time each morning can feel pleasantly luxuriant – factoring in a power nap at lunch time can do the job too. And if you’ve still got a wee one at home, you’re sure to know the drill already, but make sure to snag a sleep while your baby’s sleeping too!