Going Earthwise

    14 Feb 2018

    I started using Earthwise products a few years ago — I’m a grandmother who looks after two grandchildren (ages five and seven) and I started looking for products that were safe to use, with no harsh chemicals.

    I decided to give the fabric stain remover spray a go first, for their clothes and nappies — I was so surprised. It was really, really, good. My daughter was working in quite a dirty environment at the time, so I tried the stain remover on her clothes too and it worked wonders.

    My oldest granddaughter, who is seven now, has very sensitive skin and tends to break out in rashes. I tried the Earthwise Laundry Liquid. It has a lovely smell of lavender and as soon as I started using it, the rashes went away. She went from having a massive break-out every single day to a tiny bit of a rash occasionally.

    I was so impressed I began to try the Earthwise body products, starting with the shampoo and conditioner. We all love them! When I blow-dry the girls’ hair, it has such a nice, clean smell.

    I am now in the process of switching over all our household cleaners and body products to Earthwise. I want to buy the soap, multisurface cleaning spray and bathroom cleaners next. I swear by Earthwise products — they work so well. Much better than other products that I’ve tried in the past — and the price is the same. Earthwise is awesome. 

    Michelle Daugulis, Massey, Auckland