A few of your favourite things

    20 Jun 2016


    Not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but hand wash, laundry liquid and dish washer powder. We decided to ask our fans which Earthwise product made it to the top of their list and there was a huge spread of answers. It looks like we really might have something for everyone.

    Our laundry products were the ones most often mentioned — and the majority of our fans placed their votes here. This category has been around the longest and still has the tightest hold on your hearts. Most of you mentioned the gentleness of this range, particularly on sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Many of you talked about the fresh, subtle fragrances.

    Our cleaning and dish products took out an equal number of comments while our body care and baby range were preferred products for many Kiwi families. Before we tell you which individual product got the most votes, we’d like to reflect briefly on something else.

    Reading all the responses, we were immediately struck by two things: the first was that most commenters couldn’t choose a single product. Many named three or four, not wanting to leave out any old friends. The second thing was the passion that rang clear through all the responses. We love that you love our products so much — because we love them too!

    OK, the moment has arrived… Drum roll, please.

    The Earthwise fans most favourite individual product of the moment is — our Laundry Liquid. This crowd-pleaser stood head and shoulders above the rest and captured one third of all the votes. The next runner up was actually two products that came in neck-and-neck — our Multisurface Cleaning Spray and our Laundry Powder.

    Overall, you nominated 23 different products. Some of the most popular were our Dish Wash Liquid, Fabric Softener and Dishwasher Powder/Tablets followed closely by our Wool & Delicates Wash, Fabric Stain Remover and Oxygenated Whitener.

    As proud parents, we have to say that we love them all equally. From Baby shampoo to Body Wash; Disinfectant to Air Freshener; right down to our humble (but extremely effective) Toilet Cleaner.

    Whatever product is top of the pops in your house, we’re proud to stand by them because they do their jobs well – and are gentle on your family, kind to your pocket and good for the planet.