Earthwise customers 'most satisfied'

    22 May 2017

    We’ve got something exciting to tell you, drum-roll please… Earthwise has just been named the winner of the Canstar Blue 2017 Award for Most Satisfied Customers in laundry liquid. The reason that we are so happy to be awarded this particular accolade is that it’s based solely on the opinion of consumers. 

    Canstar Blue has been conducting market research and customer satisfaction surveys since 2011 across a representative sample of 2,500 New Zealanders. To date, more than 42,000 Kiwis have rated their customer satisfaction across more than 45 different categories. Those consumers who answered yes to the qualifying question ‘I have purchased and used laundry detergent in the last three months’, became the self-selected group of 334 to respond to a series of questions around the things they value most in their washing liquid.
    Consumers were asked to compare laundry liquid brands and to score them for value for money, quality of clean, environmental friendliness, scent, feel of clothes after wash, packaging and overall satisfaction. The five brands compared were Earthwise, Dynamo, Ecostore, Persil, and Surf.
    Interestingly, when Canstar Blue last conducted this survey in 2015, the importance of washing detergent being environmentally friendly was rated by as few as 13% of washing powder users. The latest survey reveals that has more than doubled to 34% of consumers (across both powder and liquid detergent users) who prefer to use a product that is kinder to the environment. In addition, 31% of people said that they choose a low irritant brand that is better for sensitive skin.
    Earthwise scored five stars (out of a maximum of five) in five out of the six categories, which translates into an overall score of 29/30. This led to us being given five stars for ‘Overall satisfaction’ which put Earthwise in the number one spot across the whole survey.

    A few highlights 

    Earthwise was the only brand to receive a five-star rating for ‘Quality of clean’ and one of only two brands to get full marks in the ‘Value for money’ category. As an environmentally-sound brand, it comes as no surprise that we also got full marks for ‘Packaging’ and ‘Environmental friendliness’.

    So thanks Canstar Blue, it is fantastic to know that we are succeeding in our long-held commitment to supply effective, environmentally-sensitive products at a price that’s within reach for the average household shopper

    You can take a closer look at the findings here...