Earthwise Black Wash: How did we do?

    31 Jul 2017

    That little black dress, our slimming black jeans and cozy black winter leggings — we just love black! But when the new dense colour starts to fade and is replaced by a washed-out dark grey it’s disappointing and it seems to happen all too fast. Keeping our blacks black is as much a priority as getting our whites white for most of us.

    We launched our answer to this laundry dilemma over a year ago. The Earthwise new Black Wash was welcomed with open arms but has it lived up to expectation? We thought we’d share some of the feedback that we’ve received from people who have tried it at home.
    But first a brief overview for those unfamiliar with the product: Black wash has been specially formulated for black and dark coloured clothing, so that means it is has an extra gentle action to avoid stripping out coloured dyes. Black Wash also has no bleaching agents or optical whiteners but it does include a special ingredient called an anti-deposition agent. This prevents light coloured soils, water hardener or minerals (which tend to be white-ish in colour) being deposited on fabrics, giving the impression of greying or colour fade. Clever stuff, but does it really make a difference?
    Here are some comments from our home reviewers:   

    Michelle commented: “The Earthwise Black Wash liquid was quite thick and had a lovely fragrance. The 1 litre bottle says it does 33 washes which makes it quite economical although I'm not sure I got 33 washes out of the bottle! Nevertheless, I found that when my clothes came out of the washing machine, they smelt lovely and had no white smears. I found that my dark clothes retained their colour and hadn't faded as badly as they had with standard washing liquids. To be honest, after using this liquid, I feel like dying all my clothes again and only using this liquid from now on!” 

    Karl said: “…This is the stuff I have been hoping existed since I started wearing pretty-much-all black clothes back in Uni. As a laundry liquid, it does an excellent job of getting my clothes clean, leaving them smelling washed and fresh, and free from those annoying powder-stains caused by washing powders that clump and don't fully dissolve, leaving white residue…

    “But how to test the hype about fade resistance? Simple! I bought two identical black shirts, one I washed ONLY in the regular laundry liquid, and the other I washed only in this liquid. They were washed the same number of times, on the same days, hung in the sun for the same period of time each time, worn exactly once before going back into the wash cycle... rinse and repeat for 6 weeks.
    As you can see from the photo, the difference is astounding! Not that I think it needs explaining, but the shirt on the left is the "regular wash" shirt, while the shirt on the right was the one that got only the Earthwise treatment... and I can't believe just what a difference it has made. To look at the shirts individually, I couldn't really see a lot of difference, but when hung side by side, the depth of darkness retained by the second shirt is striking.”


    “What a wonderful idea! I have many more black and dark coloured garments than whites or pastels, and fading and streaking is often an issue with ordinary washing powders and liquids - even the "better" brands - and believe me, I have tried most of them. Apart from clothing, I also have several sets of dark coloured sheets (black included) and some dark cushion covers which need frequent washing as the cats insist on sitting on them and decorating them with discarded fur.  

    Amelia commented: “As a household that wears lots of black clothing I was keen to see if this worked as well as I had heard it did. My partner's work uniform is black and over time we have noticed it has now become that faded black/dark grey colour which is not ideal. My first load to try the Black Wash was for some black jeans and black shirts that had fluff and white marks from my partner's job. Usually when I use my normal liquid on clothes that have the white marks it seems to just stay on the clothes and I find myself either spot cleaning the marks or hand-washing the item again. I was pleasantly surprised to see when I hung the clothes on the line that this was not the case, they were in fact free of the white marks.

    I am eagerly awaiting purchasing some more black clothing to see how long they stay black without fading using this product. Using this liquid has also made me consider using the Earthwise Oxygenated Whitener to see if I can get similar results from my whites.”

    Find out more about Earthwise Blackwash or try some for yourself. Sold in most Countdown, New World and PAKnSAVE supermarkets RRP $8 per litre (33 washes).

    Photo credit: Karl from Kiwireviews