Matt's story: The tale of the mysterious vanishing wine

    14 Mar 2016

    Following the theme of great Earthwise product stories, here’s one I’m sure we can all relate to! Matt was happily enjoying a few social glasses of wine with his house mates, when he sent a full glass of red flying. We’ll leave it to Matt to explain what happened next:

    “As gravity would have it, the entire contents of my vessel landed ungraciously on the BEIGE living room CARPET. I was in shock! Not only was it a terrible waste of delicious Man O’ War Wine Estate wine, I was also undoubtedly facing an insurance claim, as I knew that we had nothing even remotely like carpet stain remover in the house. To be honest, I seriously doubt that this would have saved my bacon at this stage anyway.”

    Earthwise Cleaning spray to the rescue

    Not to be beaten, however, Matt showed some good old Kiwi ingenuity and reached for his Earthwise Kitchen Cleaning spray (don’t try this at home folks!)

    “In my haste to minimise the impending damage, I grabbed the first cleaning spray that I found in the house which just so happened to be Earthwise Kitchen Cleaning Spray. (Keep reading, this is the good bit......) Upon frantically spraying the product directly onto the red wine stain and simply blotting the area with paper towels, my house mates and I were AMAZED to discover that the stain literally vanished right before our eyes, almost instantly. GONE!”

    Earthwise General Manager, Rory Garvey (though delighted by this happy ending) hastens to add that Matt was lucky that he got onto the stain so quickly because if it had dried, the story could have ended less happily – and yes, the Kitchen Cleaning spray is gentle enough to use on carpet.

    Matt continues: “For the life of me I can't explain how or why your plant-based cleaning product - of which the main ingredient is water - can seemingly reverse the space-time continuum... But one thing’s for certain, it has become my new best friend (sorry wine, you've been knocked down a few pegs!)

    “Hopefully this story will mean many, many more people will learn of your product’s miraculous abilities. And if making red wine spills disappear is not enough, it also makes my kitchen gleam and smell amazing. I will never be without a bottle or three in the house! So on behalf of me (and probably my insurance company). THANK YOU EARTHWISE! - you rock!”

    Which cleaning spray is best for which surface?

    Well, what can we say? Great story. However, this may be an appropriate moment to talk a little about three of our cleaning products and their more conventional uses (sorry Matt!):

    Both Earthwise Kitchen and Multisurface sprays are primarily designed for general cleaning on most hard surfaces. These cleaning sprays are great for cutting through build up grime and grease. The Kitchen spray is very useful for cleaning ovens and stove tops. These products use naturally powerful plant-based cleaning agents, but they are gentle enough for the environment that they are classed as grey water and septic tank safe because they contain biodegradable surfactants.

    Earthwise Shower and Bathroom spray is a little different because it is specifically designed to help remove the scale build-up commonly found in bathrooms. Even so, our bathroom cleaner leaves no toxic chemical residues and is also grey water and septic tank safe. We hope that clears up any confusion.

    Glass of wine anyone?