Cleaning jobs: Which is the toughest of the tough?

    07 May 2018

    Is there a particular area in your house that you avoid cleaning until it can be avoided no more? We recently asked Earthwise fans to tell us which cleaning chores need the toughest treatment in their house. We found that, for over half of us, the bathroom and toilet feel like the hardest chore. The second-most hated chore can also be found in the bathroom: the dreaded shower.

    Try using Earthwise Toilet Cleaner, Shower & Bathroom Cleaning Spray and Disinfectant. This power pack of products not only kill 99.9% of germs but will quickly turn your bathroom back to a fragrant, sparkly and streak-free space, but what about some handy tips to help keep the toilet clean?
    • Improve their aim. If you’d like to help the little fireman in your house hit his target, use a permanent marker to draw a target on a ping pong ball. Just float the ball in the bowl and appeal to your son’s competitive spirit. Keep a tally of points for accuracy! 
    • Clean the handle thoroughly. The handle needs extra attention because you touch it every time you use the toilet — it can be a real breeding place for bacteria. Give the handle a generous coat of disinfectant spray every time you tackle the loo.
    • The next time your toilet gets blocked (and you don’t have a plunger handy), try pouring hot water and dishwash soap down the toilet. Warning: do not pour boiling water down the toilet, though — this could crack the bowl.
    • Encourage the family to close the toilet lid before flushing. Flushing can spray micro-particles up to three meters away, so keep those germs away from surfaces, toothbrushes and hairbrushes! 
    But enough toilet talk. When it comes to jobs to delay, avoid and generally save until last, the floors came next. Whether you’ve got tiles, laminate or wooden floors, it seems we all loathe cleaning them – especially those of us with young children and animals in the family!
    To our surprise, less than 30 of over 300 fans voted cleaning the oven as their toughest job – and half as many considered the kitchen worth a mention. Other culprits, listed in descending order of popularity, were: the dishes, windows and sills, laundry, rubbish bins, ceilings, fridge, car, kitchen cupboards and skirting boards.
    Thanks to all the Earthwise fans who shared their thoughts with us. 😊