Changing seasons: how to protect your family from colds and flus

    10 Apr 2017

    The temperature is starting to drop, and the wind and rain is starting to pick up as we move into the autumn season. It’s not uncommon that a change in season can result in yourself, or your family, coming down with a cold or flu – generally because you’re likely to spend more time inside. During this time, it’s important to keep your house and communal surfaces clean to avoid the spread of nasty bugs and viruses.

    Earthwise is here to help; we’ve compiled some handy tips to keep your house germ free this autumn with our favourite Earthwise products.

    Keep surfaces clean: We often spread germs by touch – so to keep sickness from spreading among your family, aim to clean high traffic surfaces daily where possibly. Earthwise disinfectant is fantastic for killing 99.9% of germs, but for an easier quick clean try our multi purpose wipes to quickly wipe down benches, doorknobs, and other frequently used surfaces.

    Get some sleep: Sleep is vital to keeping your immune system working as well as it can – hence why we so often feel better after a sleep when we’re sick! To prevent sickness in the first place, it’s incredibly important to get enough sleep. So hit the hay to hold onto your health!

    Clean your hands regularly: Make sure the kids all know to wash their hands regularly while they’re at school, especially before they eat. To avoid the dry skin that can sometimes accompany winter, use the gentle Earthwise Nourish hand wash or soap while at home.

    Keep exercising: It can be hard to stay active once the wetter weather hits – getting out for a run is hardly appealing! But keeping your body healthy and fit is incredibly important for staying healthy. Try to get outside with the kids whenever you can, or come up with active games you can play inside. If that’s not possible, visit the local pools for a swim – they’re warm enough even in winter!

    Stay hydrated: Once summer’s disappeared, we don’t tend to feel as hot – and therefore often end up forgetting to drink as much water or drink hot drinks containing caffeine, which is dehydrating. To keep your body in top notch condition and fight off colds and flus, it needs to be kept well-hydrated – so keep the water flowing!