Black Wash: A brand new product from Earthwise

    21 Nov 2016

    In the past, we’ve all been focused on getting our whites whiter but now the Earthwise team have come out with a product to helps your blacks stay blacker. So why have Earthwise developed this new product and how will it help?

    Black wash has been specially formulated for black and dark coloured clothing, so that means it is has an extra gentle action to avoid stripping out coloured dyes. Black Wash also has no bleaching agents or optical whiteners but it does include a special ingredient called an anti-deposition agent.

    An anti-deposition agent prevents light coloured soils, water hardener or minerals (which tend to be white-ish in colour) being deposited on fabrics, giving the impression of greying or colour fade. Clever stuff!

    Remember, when washing your darks and blacks, always read the washing instructions on the label, wash them inside out, wash black jeans separately when brand new — and line dry in the shade.

    Did you know…? Not all bleach is bad

    Many people don’t realise that bleach is an action, not a product. Technically, bleaching is the act of oxidization that leads to the whitening of clothing. There are three or four commonly used kinds of bleach, with chlorine bleach being the most widely used and recognised. At Earthwise, we don’t use chlorine bleach because of the nasty by-products that result when it starts to break down. So, the question is, how do we get your whites white?

    At Earthwise, we use sodium percarbonate — a mineral derivative oxidisation agent. It’s a much gentler alternative to chlorine bleach and is also colour-safe. One of the best things about sodium percarbonate is that, as soon as its combined with water it immediately starts to break down into water and oxygen.

    Sodium percarbonate is used in various Earthwise products to remove oxidisable stains such as tea, coffee and red wine. We use the chemical in a more concentrated formulation in our Oxy-whitener, and sodium percarbonate also included in Earthwise laundry powder and dishwashing machine products.

    So not all bleaches are nasty. Next time you need your whites freshened up and you want to avoid harming the environment, check out the Earthwise laundry range.