Bath-time, fun-time - ANYTIME!

    28 Aug 2017

    At the cranky end of the day or when there’s time to kill; on a cold day or during rainy play-dates; alone or with your siblings – there’s nothing better than bath-time fun for babies and toddlers. Splashy, bubbly, warm and frothy, it’s great bonding time for mums, dads and their bubs. At Earthwise, we are big on bath-time so we asked our Earthwise fans to let us know what favourite companion or toy is a ‘must-grab’ when the taps start running?  

    In this high-tech age, it’s interesting to see that good old bath-time fun hasn’t changed much over the generations: pouring and stacking cups; rubber ducks and anything that splashes or squirts is still the order of the day. Bright colours and big bubbles also help to make bath-time that little bit more special.


    • “My little girl loves her bucket so she can throw water everywhere with much delight!”
    • “My 19-month old loves to play with Duplo people in the bath and bubble fun with his two bros.”  
    • “My 8-month old just loves sucking on face cloths but my toddler loves a Fisher Price toy that I had when I was a baby.”
    • “Planes! They can crash land and make a big splash.”
    • “My son likes to play with blocks while in the shower? Strange but true...”
    • “What doesn't my boy love about his "bubbles"? Yes, he calls his bath that! He’s loved them from his first at 2 days old to now at 16mth he dives under the water.”
    • “Just a simple face cloth here. My son is pretty easy to please! It goes in his mouth, on his head, splashes water on his face...”
    • “My son loves his cars and trucks in his bath - he's normally in there for about an hour.”
    • “My toddler’s favourite toy is a castle - she fills it up and drinks out of it – eww!”
    • “For my nearly three-year old: The cat! Or anything that squirts because mum makes a great target.”
    • “Some Tupperware bowls and a wooden spoon. Best toys ever.”
    • “My 17-month old daughter has absolutely loved her rubber ducky since day 1! Such a cliché, but so entertaining when she sits there quacking!”
    • “My son loves playing with his Harry and bucket of Dino's in the bath especially when there's bubbles involved... They apparently are on an adventure through the clouds.”
    • “My toddler has a little foam doll with different clothes that stick to the side of the bath. She spends the whole time changing outfits and blabbing away.”
    • “My 4-year old’s favourite bath toy is a baby doll. He loves taking care of it and giving it a bath, he is going to be an amazing daddy one day.”
    • “My wee man that's his cows in the shower or bath, his cows go most places with him. My wee girl takes a bath book, she's quite happy to just chill and chew.”
    • “My 13-month old loves bubble bath and has a good chuckle when I pretend to sneeze bubbles everywhere or make him a bubble beard!”
    The next time you need to top up on your supply of shampoo, bubble-bath, body wash or baby lotion, why not add an Earthwise hippo to the mix so you and your baby can enjoy some good, clean, gentle-on-their-skin fun. And when you’ve used up the product, we have lot’s of fun ideas for re-using the Hippo’s for even more fun-time.

    (Thanks to Alecia, Elizabeth, Lauren, Stacey, Tash and Vicky for sharing images of their little ones - we think they are all just gorgeous!)