11 Ways to Fight Allergies this Spring

    26 Sep 2016

    Spring has now sprung, but this is always a cause for celebration. Extra pollen in the air often adds to the woes of allergy sufferers, so we asked our fans to share the one extra thing they do to help reduce allergies in their home.

    Vacuum often!

    “I have switched to as many eco products as possible and I splashed out and brought a shark vacuum. I’m now that crazy lady who vacuums two or three times a day!” Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter was one of the common tips offered by Earthwise fans.

    Bust that dust

    “Keep the dust down by wiping surfaces with a damp cloth.” Daily or weekly, this helps many fans control dust allergies. Some find this much easier when they keep surfaces clear by removing nick-nacks and dust traps around the house

    Put soft toys away

    Regularly washing soft toys and keeping them off the bed helps little ones to sleep easy. Some fans have a special box for soft toys to live in when they’re not in use.

    Wash new season clothes

    At the start of every season I wash my new season’s clothes, otherwise the dust builds up and I get allergies when I wear them.”

    Clean the curtains

    “We clean the curtains regularly as we have a cat. We also brush the cat outside a lot!” A lot of fans with pets, give them a regularly daily going over with a pet vacuum to reduce shedding and sneezing.

    Air your bedding

    Using mattress and pillow protectors to keep dust mites down and putting bedding out in the sun whenever possible can really help. For most, turning and airing bedding once a week is enough — but some fans find that they have to go to greater lengths:

    “We have an asthmatic son (9) and one of the best things we've found doing is airing out the mattresses each day.... a total mish dragging down two sets of stairs out to courtyard but so, so, worth it.”

    Get some plants!

    Buy some indoor pot plants to help clean the air. “I have lots of plants like peace lilies and bamboo which naturally help to remove toxins from the house.”

    Chase the damp away

    Keep extra moisture where it belongs by drying clothes outside in the sunshine, or under cover if the weather is less predictable. Fitting a ventilation system is another fantastic way to chase away moisture away — but only if you change the filters regularly!

    Don’t forget to air the house regularly, says our fans. “Leaving windows open a wee bit overnight helps with condensation — even opening window for ten minutes during the day in winter can make all the difference.”

    Use fragrance-free, non-toxic cleaning products

    “Definitely remove harmful chemicals everywhere. We are on septic tank and have to watch everything we use. We are also aware that what you wash your clothes in is transferred to skin and therefore your body. Not only do you have to watch what you put in your body, but ON IT as well.

    Essential oils

    Some fans find a range of essential oil helpful to reduce the effects of allergies. The most commonly used are: Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus oils to unclog sinuses and relieve scratchy throats; Basil oil to fight inflammation; Lemon oil to help overcome respiratory conditions; and Tea tree oil to fight the airborne pathogens that cause allergies.

    Salt lamps

    Salt lamps were mentioned by a number of fans as a useful tool to repel dust and help remove particles of pet dander, mold and mildew from the air, easing coughing: “With an asthmatic child whose triggers include dust mites, I use Earthwise products, a salt lamp, essential oils and an asthma-friendly vacuum cleaner over the mattresses and couches every week.

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