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    25 Jun 2018

    Love your leftovers - tips from our fans

    Using one day's dinner as the next day's lunch is the most common way for Earthwise fans to deal with leftovers - and what's more, it's a healthy way to eat and save you money. When we asked our Facebook fans for their favourite way to avoid food waste, we were amazed by the range of ideas that came back:frugal, whacky, practical and creative - we got the lot! Here's just a sample of our favourites.

    18 Jun 2018

    National Volunteer Week: Meet a few of the charities doing amazing work in our communities

    While each and every day is a good opportunity to acknowledge people going the extra mile in our communities, National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to really pay attention to those people giving their time to the organisations that need it most. To recognise this special week, Earthwise asked it's fans to tell us their favourite charities to be in to win their share of a mega prize of '15000 Washes'.

    04 Jun 2018

    Nourish haircare: naturally beautiful new products

    Earthwise has just introduced 6 new products to its Nourish haircare range, using natural and naturally derived ingredients to soothe, volumise and deeply moisturise hair - a natural anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner, a volumising shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, a natural hair mask to restore and hydrate dry and damaged hair and a leave-in treatment to moisturise, detangle and defrizz.

    21 May 2018

    Eco-friendly products for first-time Mum

    Nathalie is a first-time mum from Brazil. Introduced to Earthwise by her sister, she has since become a big Earthwise fan in her own right. Avoiding chemicals around her new-born baby and products that are sustainable were key in her decision to change to Earthwise.

    07 May 2018

    Cleaning jobs: Which is the toughest of the tough?

    Is there a particular area in your house that you avoid cleaning until it can be avoided no more? We recently asked Earthwise fans to tell us which cleaning chores need the toughest treatment in their house.

    16 Apr 2018

    What's the best way to deal with food waste?

    With a bigger proportion of New Zealanders now living in cities, it's not always practical to compost (although there are some innovative, space saving ways to do it). So, what's the best way to deal with our food waste.

    02 Apr 2018

    Recycle, Upcycle - Making household waste rock!

    As you'll know, we're big fans of anything that's gentle to our world and that includes recycling and reusing household items. We've spent some time skipping around the internet looking for some exciting, practical ways to upcycle household waste. Have a look at these beauties:

    19 Mar 2018

    A better way with waste water

    Water is one of our most precious resources and we use a phenomenal amount of it - clocking up around 150 litres each every day. The average Kiwi takes a seven-minute shower using between seven and 14 litres per minute. Even brushing your teeth for two minutes uses 56 litres of water if you leave the tap running! So why not look at how to reuse the water we do need to keep ourselves, our homes and our belongings clean and healthy?

    05 Mar 2018

    Fight food waste

    Every year Kiwi households send 12,547 tonnes of food to landfill, costing us a massive $872 million a year in food that's bought and thrown away uneaten. That's an average of 79kgs per household at a cost of $563 per year. And the environmental price paid is equally alarming. Most of us are keen to prevent harm to our environment, and food waste campaigners Love Food Hate Waste NZ have some great practical tips for making the most of our leftovers.

    14 Feb 2018

    Going Earthwise

    "I started using Earthwise products a few years ago, looking for products that were safe to use, with no harsh chemicals...I was so impressed with the laundry range that I began to try to Nourish Body range". Read Michelle's story here

    31 Jan 2018

    Why choose Earthwise?

    We love hearing feedback from the Earthwise community and wanted to share some of the amazing comments from over 200 customers who recently told us why they choose Earthwise. We're all from such different backgrounds, communities and cultures but there are some strong common themes that draw us together: Concern for the environment, love of our families, concern for wildlife and a preference for buying local. Being canny Kiwis, we also need to know that the products we buy will do the job they're supposed to!

    06 Dec 2017

    50 years of Earthwise

    We can't let this year draw completely to a close without celebrating a special milestone: Earthwise has been pioneering eco-friendly cleaning now for 50 years! While you may know that the Earthwise range is created for all the needs of your family, did you know that it has a family history of its own? From a small garden shed in Orini in the Waikato, Earthwise has always set out to create products that were better for people and kinder to our world.

    27 Nov 2017

    Plant-power wipes out dirt and germs

    Earthwise cleaning products get a consistently good rap from householders - this was backed up last month by NZ Consumer magazine and by Aussie consumer ratings and research companies CANSTAR and CHOICE last year. But have you ever wondered how plant-powered, environmentally gentle cleaners can be so tough on dirt and grime.

    10 Nov 2017

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Rot

    We love recycling! The team at Earthwise often get asked about the environmental impact of our products so we thought that Recycling Week would be the perfect time to talk packaging. We had a chat with our resident environmental chemist, Gill Worth, to get her take on recycling, composting and biodegradable plastics.

    25 Sep 2017

    Exercise your way to better lung health

    One in six Kiwis live with an on-going respiratory condition, with 521,000 people regularly taking medication for asthma. All this month, the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation NZ has been running a campaign call Breathe Better September, to raise awareness around respiratory disease, its causes and the everyday ways that we can improve lung health. We asked Earthwise fans what steps they take to keep their lungs healthy.

    11 Sep 2017

    Spring cleaning, you're dreaming!

    There are so many ways to tackle spring cleaning: top to bottom; inside out; outside in; one end to the other, smallest room to the largest and even around in circles, but there are a few things that most Earthwise fans seem to agree upon...

    28 Aug 2017

    Bath-time, fun-time - ANYTIME!

    At the cranky end of the day or when there's time to kill, there's nothing better than bath-time fun for babies and toddlers. Splashy, bubbly, warm and frothy, it's great bonding for mums, dads and their bubs. At Earthwise, we are big on bath-time so we asked our Earthwise fans to let us know what favourite companion or toy is a 'must-grab' when the taps start running?

    14 Aug 2017

    Winter washing: from woes to pros

    Winter washing can be tricky without the sunshine to get things dry. We asked our Facebook fans for some of their winter washing tips so we thought we'd share them.

    31 Jul 2017

    Earthwise Black Wash: How did we do?

    That little black dress, our slimming black jeans and cozy black winter leggings - we just love black! But when the new dense colour starts to fade and is replaced by washed-out dark grey, it's disappointing and it seems to happen all too fast. Keeping our blacks black is as much a priority as getting our whites white for most of us.

    17 Jul 2017

    Staycations: a winter holiday in the comfort of your own home

    The winter school holidays are upon us. If you want to have a break without spending up big, why not consider a staycation or a holistay - taking a break much closer to home to enjoy some affordable time off. Here's some tips that we have received from our Facebook community.

    03 Jul 2017

    How clean are your dishes?

    When it comes to washing the dishes, there seems to be a divide between the rinsers and the non-rinsers of this world.American dish-washers invariably rinse their dishes, before AND after washing them. Those of British descent tend to save water by leaving their dishes to drip dry with the suds on. Which one are you...?

    19 Jun 2017

    Who's your Fairy?

    Who is the cleaning fairy in your house? We all want one - and it turns out that a lucky few of us, do actually have one - but for most, the only person sprinkling (or vacuuming up fairy dust is 'me, myself and I'! Last month, we asked our lovely Earthwise fans who the cleaning fairy was in their house. Almost 450 comments later, it seems that we can rely on our mums and sometimes on our partners - and our kids love to help as well - but guess who does the lion's share? Check out some of the great comments...

    05 Jun 2017

    How to reduce your power usage this chilly season

    Now that winter has arrived, it's time to start thinking about your power us and how you can reduce it. Although it's tempting to throw your clothes in the dryer, turn up your electric blanket, and leave the heater running in your bedroom, it's still possible to be cosy and reduce our power consumption in the process. Here are a few handy hints to help you out during this cold season.

    22 May 2017

    Earthwise customers 'most satisfied'

    We've got something exciting to tell you, drum-roll please...Earthwise has been named the winner of the Canstar Blue 2017 Award for Most Satisfied Customers in laundry liquid.

    08 May 2017

    Top tips for line drying

    When we asked Earthwise fans for their top tips on line drying, we unleashed a torrent of information: from wash-day lore handed down through the generations and washing avoidance tips to ways of side-stepping bugs, beasties and birds - it's also clear that a lot of us would do anything to get out of the ironing! Read more here of a selection of our favourites...

    24 Apr 2017

    Creating the next generation of sustainable products

    Developing planet-friendly new products can be like playing multiple games of chess all at the same time. Finding effective ingredients that are gently on the environment, at a price point that makes the end-product affordable for the supermarket shopper is quite a challenge. No-one understands this better than Gill Worth, Earthwise's product development chemist.

    10 Apr 2017

    Changing seasons: how to protect your family from colds and flus

    The temperature is starting to drop, and the wind and rain is starting to pick up as we move into the autumn season. It's not uncommon that a change in season can result in yourself or your family coming down with a cold or flu. Here at Earthwise, we have compiled some handy tips to keep your house germ free this autumn with our favourite Earthwise products.

    27 Mar 2017

    Happy Hippos help play the day away

    Wow! Our Earthwise fans are a creative bunch. When we asked how YOU can reuse the Earthwise Happy Hippo containers, we were amazed by the sheer number of different answers that we received. These ideas were way too good to keep to ourselves, so we thought we'd share them.

    13 Mar 2017

    What's the story with goat's milk?

    Goat's milk is most commonly associated with Cleopatra, the last active ruler of Egypt before the Roman conquest. Cleopatra styled herself as the goddess isis reincarnated and has a reputation far and wide for her unrivalled beauty - part of which she attributed to regular bathing in goat's milk. So, is there any science to back the claims about goat's milk.a