Why plant-based ingredients

    Plant-based ingredients are pure, natural in origin and environmentally sustainable. Our ingredients are carefully selected to be gentle for you and your family, as well as the environment - rapidly degrading without causing harm. At Earthwise, we figure we want to make a lasting impression in your home, not on the environment.

    Paraben free

    Those who suffer from allergies like dermatitis and rosacea have long been told to stay away from parabens.

    Used as a preservative, some parabens are found naturally in plant sources, however all commercially-used parabens are created synthetically. It’s pretty scary stuff when you consider how widespread their use is in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. At Earthwise however, we only use natural alternate ingredients – it’s all part of caring for your world.

    Phosphate free

    When you wash, the phosphates are flushed into the local water system, where they encourage algae growth and diminish the purity of the water. That’s exactly why Earthwise are doing their bit for the environment by refusing to use phosphates in any of our products. One drop, one lake, one Earth…..

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) Free

    These sulphates are a very common ingredient throughout the beauty and cosmetic industry, but they’re one that you want to steer well clear of, especially if you have sensitive skin.
    Sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) is foaming agent, and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is a surfactant, detergent and emulsifier, which can be derived from coconut or petro sources. When derived from coconut that may sound somewhat natural, however the chemical is anything but. A carcinogenic by-product is produced during the manufacturing process that can contaminate the coconut when poorly manufactured.
    Rubbing chemicals onto your skin and scalp has been discovered to be even more dangerous than ingesting them, because there aren’t any enzymes to break them down. Earthwise understands this and is committed to keeping our products up to date with the safest and mildest surfactant combinations available.



    The MSDS (material data safety sheet) for all our products are available by emailing us admin@earthwise.co.nz.


    Palm oil

    There is an understandable concern around palm oil and the destructive way land is being cleared as a by-product of its manufacture. To make anything requires raw materials and resources. At Earthwise, we understand the pressure that modern life and an ever-increasing population is putting on our world, so we seek to use plant-based materials (rather than petrochemical-based) that are from sustainable sources, and recyclable/recycled materials, for our products.

    Palm oil in itself is not the issue, rather the way the land is being cleared for its cultivation. (WWF 2011 report on Palm Oil) Earthwise is committed to sourcing palm oil that aligns with our ethos. To this end we have applied for RSPO membership and also Green Palm membership. In conjunction with this we are also working with our suppliers to ensure they provide sustainably sourced palm oil. This requires that they provide evidence, which is then audited by RSPO as part of our membership.

    These are all ways that we can best ensure we buy accredited palm oil that does not come from land that was primary forests, fragile ecosystems or areas that contain concentrations of biodiversity (eg: endangered species) – thereby providing a safer option in caring for our world.

    Read more about our ingredients philosophy on our recent blog Simplicity: the most important Earthwise ingredient