Environmental Choice

    Both locally and internationally, there is growing support for the purchase of products that are kinder for the environment. Consumers are now considering not only what is in the products they buy, but also what those products physically come in and how they were made.
    Initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand Government, Environmental Choice recognises genuine moves made by manufacturers to reduce the environmental impacts of their products and provides a credible and independent guide for consumers who want to purchase products that are better for the environment.
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    The MSDS (material data safety sheet) for all our products are available by emailing us admin@earthwise.co.nz.



    Petrochemicals are extracted from crude oil or gas, and then used in household cleaning products, skin care, and even food. We choose to avoid using these ingredients wherever possible due to their unsustainable sources and the environmental risk that comes from their extraction and processing.

    All Earthwise products are free from phosphate, ammonia, nitrate and chlorine, but why?
    Phosphates, ammonia, nitrates and chlorine can be both safety and environmental hazards.

    All Earthwise body products are SLS, SLES, paraben and colourant free, with no use of phthalates in either the product or packaging. Let’s take a look at why…
    SLS, SLES, parabens and colourants can cause irritation to the eyes and skin, so we avoid these where possible in providing you with a gentler choice. Along with phthalates, SLS and colourants can also be environmental pollutants, so we steer well clear.